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Entertainment of Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Artist pushes Jackie Appiah to top Twitter trends with love proposal

Actress Jackie Appiah Actress Jackie Appiah

An artist whose obsession with Jackie Appiah led him to draw the actress has become the talk of the town, setting the mood for a fun-packed conversation on social media.

Clad in a pink long sleeves shirt with a black pair of trousers and shoes to match, the Kumasi-based artist by name Eugene in a short video clip appeared mesmerized having met Jackie Appiah in person. With a gift in his hands, ready to make a presentation to his ‘love’, Eugene beamed with smiles.

But before the presentation was an interaction where Jackie Appiah mentioned that the artist has been stalking her for the past seven months.

“I’m from Kumasi but I’ve come to stay in Accra because of her,” the lover boy disclosed in his attempt to communicate how deep the love he has for Jackie Appiah is. 'Love goes where love is' - the saying goes.

“I’ve been following her; I just want to see,” he continued, triggering an “awwww” from the female colleagues of Jackie Appiah who filmed the epic moment.

“So you love her?” one of them asked to which the artist responded with words and action. He nodded!

At this juncture, the time was ripe for the presentation of the gift. Eugene unveiled the priceless gift for his 'sweetheart’ – a pencil art of Jackie Appiah he had there!

“So now, what do you want from me?” asked Jackie Appiah after seeing what was hidden in the parcel.

Before he would utter a word, Eugene licked his lips, gathered momentum, and spilled the obvious. “I love you,” he said. But it did not end there! He qualified the love with an adverb. “Seriously,” he added.

Here’s how people are reacting to the romantic story!