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Entertainment of Thursday, 12 September 2019


Angry groom cancels wedding; bride rolls on the floor with her white gown

The shocked bride was beyond control play videoThe shocked bride was beyond control

It is better to end a relationship with the wrong partner just a second to your wedding without charges than to be confronted later with payment of alimony because you disobeyed your conscience and tied the knot with him or her.

That school of thought was what probably informed a groom’s decision to cancel his wedding to his fiancée on the way to the wedding venue.

A viral video shows the Nigerian man identified as Joe going berserk and screaming at his bride before scattering things meant for the event.

According to local media reports, the couple were being accompanied to the church in Abuja by family and friend when the groom suddenly had a change of mind and opted out of the intended marriage.

The shocked bribe tried to beg her extremely angry groom, but he was not prepared to listen to her.

All efforts by the couple’s family and friends to calm Joe down and talk him out of the capricious decision rather infuriated him more.

His heartbroken bride then got carried away and started rolling on the floor with her white wedding gown as their entourage tried to bring her under control.

It is not clear what the bride did to her groom to trigger his wrath to that degree.