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Music of Tuesday, 30 January 2007


Albums We Expected To See, But Didn?t...


The much hyped and talked about compilation of Hammer was not heard.

It was expected that Hammer was gonna release a new breed of Last 2 boys as he did with big guys like Okra, Bollie, Kwaw Kese and more.

The "Crusading of the Lost Files" had cuts like 'Nano' and 'Bronya' which was supposed to ignite the album into ?2G7?.

Negotiations for the album slowed it down and made the well thought of lyrics unheard of, unless you get copies of the album on the music market (I hear it?s on the market but I have not personally seen a copy).

TH 4 Kwages

Listen! It was all set for (new) TH4 Kwages to drop their album, and then Olasty Bingo kicked the bucket sadly.

?Early last year, I lost my brother, Olasty, which made me slow down in so many things?, said Atsu Koliko.

Atsu Koliko has quickly recovered from the shock and will be bouncing back soon from Takoradi, holding it down for TH4 Kwages. The new thing you would be seeing of from Atsu Koliko is that he has cut off his dreadlocks.

Ronny Coaches

When rumours of the break-up of Buk Bak was circulating in the Ghanaian music scene, the time two artistes (Bright and Ronny) in question were recording secretly. Bright was the first to stick his head out with his "Light Over Darkness" album with lead song, 'Condom'.

Fans of hiplife music and Buk Bak expected Ronny to prove to Bright that he could also be on his own. Well, he did an international reggae album (that's how he terms the album) with the help of his youth group called Shatta Youth. To me Ronny Coaches made a promise he's yet to deliver. Where is the album?

...Artistes We Will be seeing With Albums in '07

Pope Skinnie

Is it true that Pope Skinnie is really hustling to bring a good album out? Surely with his involvement with a few up and coming artistes and sound engineer, Quick Action, people expect to see an album executively produced well by Quick Action and Jay Q to kick off this year.


I have heard a number of songs of Okra from sound engineers like Oteng, Okyeame Quophi, and Hammer whose beats dominates the album. Okra has kept his pace with the already established ones even though he has not released his maiden album.

Okra?s big fan base around the world is patiently waiting for him this year. Even though his verses are too hard core, he will still be acknowledged when he lets the cat loose.

And hey, he will be surprising his fans with some singing as well. Do cats sing? Hmmm?

Ex Doe

Ex Doe came back strong in 2005 and hurriedly recorded a full album but didn?t release it. Why? We still don?t know yet.

It has been said that the only thing that can bring Ex Doe back, is his voice on Hammer?s beat. His fans demand to see him big this year. The new album has the potential to be a blockbuster for ?07.


Everyone! Please read this part well - Tinny promises to be the real Tinny everyone know since he emerged onto the scene.

He is crossing over to do a few dancehall tunes on the new album. With the new Tinny projects installed, we hope there will be no excuses why the album did not go on well. A word to Tinny my boy; your fans want to experience the real Tinny - meaning they want to feel songs like 'Makola Kwakwe', and 'I believe I can fly'.


All has not been well for Captain Planet and Abortion, members of 4x4 since the release of the "Contestant no. 1" album. When I spoke to Abortion, he said they did not want to release last year but wanted to release this year just to make sure they give their fans what they really want.

Handsome looking Captain Planet is always scoring good points with his rap verses. In some parts of Ghana, they are heralded as Kings but now they want to cover the whole Ghana with their third album.


Goodies Music Production decided to release VIP?s album last year but all did not go well for them as they had to put the album on hold.

They went back to the lab to do remix of the album. It seems the way their fans carried them high with the success they had with the "Ahomka Womu", isn?t the same way with the "Pussy Cat" album

From what I hear they are living leaving large in Naija so they are not but what about Ghana, VIP? We are thirsty.


Just like Okra, he made headlines with just a single from the Appietus compilation titled, ?Once, Twice?. Ace radio presenter promised a follow-up with a debut album, executively produced Venus World Records handled by Confidence, CEO of Aphrodisiac Nite Club.

What?s happening Ebo?o. The ladies are still waiting for that sweet voice of yours.