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Achimota Rasta saga: This is pure discrimination and embarrassing - Black Rasta fumes

Reggae musician and radio host, Black Rasta Reggae musician and radio host, Black Rasta

Ghanaian Reggae musician and radio host, Black Rasta says he sees the Achimota School saga as that which is embarrassing and pure discrimination.

The ‘Barack Obama’ crooner explained that the attitude of the Achimota School has exposed and given a different perception about the school.

Speaking on the ‘Mpu ne Mpu’ Show with Yaa Konama on UTV, Black Rasta stated that “this Achimota issue is so embarrassing. It has come at a time that has exposed the people we used to think are smart.”

“For instance, Achimota, in 1930 went to bring Ephraim Amu, a revolutionary who at that time was a Presbyterian that sang only Ewe songs, and a pianist who never wore a suit to church unless kente with some other beautiful apparels.

“When he was sacked, it was this same Achimota that took him and said you are upholding your culture, you are upholding your religion and you are a revolutionary, so what has changed now?” He quizzed.

He further asserted that “ignorance continues to inundate us because we refuse to learn. Who brought writing? It is the blacks. I mean history is there, yet we refuse to learn, we refuse to look into the things that belong to us but rather rejoice over the things that have been stolen from us.”

“We taught the white man how to read; through the first university in Mali, Timbuktu, Epsu and Pythagoras went to Egypt to learn how to read and later taught the whites.”

Speaking on the impact of the Rastafarian Movement in Ghana, he said, “Some people say Rasta is not recognized in Ghana that is why we are facing problems so if we should be recognized like Islam, and the others, then we won’t have challenges.

“But look at ‘Fetishism, Paganism and Animism’ that have existed long before Islam, do we recognize it in our schools? It is not about recognition, it is pure discrimination.”

Black Rasta again claimed that every radio station in Ghana became popular through the playing of reggae music.

“Talking about Rasta contribution, did you not ask for reggae music before starting your show? Let me tell you, every radio station in Ghana started with reggae music to catch the attention of people and even to get the audience. During their test transmission, they play reggae music to catch the attention of taxi drivers, and any kind of persons."