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5 top reasons for plastic surgery craze

A surgeon is seen performing a liposuction procedure. File photo A surgeon is seen performing a liposuction procedure. File photo

Plastic surgery procedure can be a great obsession as some women and men are willing to go the length and breadth of the world to attain what the world terms as a “perfect body”.

It used to be a thing for the rich and famous but currently, plastic surgery is available to all persons who can cough up the money for the procedure.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons whose work are highly patronized by mostly women have undertaken several plastic surgery transformations which comes at a high cost, notwithstanding, some procedures have gone bad resulting in a drastic change on the client’s body.

Various parts of the body can be enhanced, ranging from Liposuction, tummy tuck, hip replacement, breast augmentation (implant), lip or nose job, you name it!

In Africa, not all women who have undergone body enhancement are bold to admit it due to the stigma surrounding it. They might be tagged as having an artificial body for that reason most women just allow critics to assume, they’re naturally endowed.

So many reasons have influenced the craze for cosmetic procedures among African women. It is a money-making industry. Surgeons who have a license to perform cosmetic surgery have quite a number of women patronizing their services despite the risk.

GhanaWeb has put together some reasons that have led to the craze for plastic surgeries among women.

1. Body shaming

We live in a society where women especially, are expected to have a "perfect body" devoid of all the things they term as "flaws".

Most people have fallen for this misconception, some women can't stand to see their self in a mirror. Eventually, those who don't develop a thick skin for body-shaming end up opting for a job done on the body while a greater chuck of women continue to live with low self-esteem.

You might want to think twice before you tell a woman "your tummy looks fat", "your boobs are too small or sagging" or the popular saying "you need to lose weight". Those statements give bad energy.... bad energy stay far away!

There have been numerous accounts of women who admitted to having gone under the knife due to the pressures from society.

On the contrary, what matters is what you think about yourself because your differences are your greatest strength.

2. Pleasing partners

Women who have undergone plastic surgeries give weird reasons for their actions but according to some, they just wanted to please their partners… now how about that? Yes, love they say can cause you to do the craziest things in life.

Some men can go the extra mile to ensure that the woman in their life appears as eye candy. Most women who are desperate to keep their partner can risk it all.

Some women who have had babies sometimes undergo surgery to get their bodies back in shape.

3. Confidence booster

For fear of being tagged as unattractive, it is alleged that some African celebrities have jumped onto the whole idea of plastic surgery just to look good on the screens.

Nigerian movie star, Tonto Dikeh is one of the few to have publicly admitted to having enhanced her body. In an interview with BBC, she revealed that she had had a couple of surgeries, “I can’t tell you how many. Maybe I’ll be going for my third one. I want to do my breasts and touch up my belly as well.”

Most women have admitted that going under the knife brought back their confidence. “I was so fat and dark, often referred to as a pig. I was once dumped by a man who told me I wasn’t attractive. It was really hard getting the body I have now but with my doctor’s advice I got it,” said Nayika Thongom, a young woman who underwent six operations at once.

4. Addiction

As stated earlier, cosmetic surgery is an addiction, persons who have undertaken this journey say once you are impressed with a nose job, you would like to get your lip done and it never stops.

Based on accounts by women who have had their boobs done, they opted for larger implants after gaining attention with their new look.

One can develop infections from multiple surgeries, in an attempt to correct an error on based on a failed procedure, some end up worsening the situation. Many surgeries have gone bad, leaving the victims with scars and regret.

People had had to spend all their wealth on treatment. It is quite expensive getting a plastic surgery done by a professional surgeon. As expected, some quack surgeons in the business are in operation.

Popular Nigerian social media influencer, Omohtee, was left battling for her life after a failed hip reduction procedure. She revealed that her “waist became numb” coupled with severe pains.

5. Imitation

There have been accounts of persons who went under the knife so they could look like their favourite icons, yes! Some people are doing the most.

No matter the case, you need to be prepared for all the risk involved in body enchantment and of course be ready to part with some thousands of cedis.