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Entertainment of Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Source: TMGH Live, Contributor

4 years not enough to accomplish everything, NPP deserves another term – Kiki Banson

Kiki Banson, Ghanaian artiste manager Kiki Banson, Ghanaian artiste manager

The NPP government turned its attention to the creative arts industry, promising to construct up to the minute facilities including theatres, recording studios in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and other parts of the country to bring the much-needed facelift and growth to the sector.

Kiki Banson spoke briefly during an interview on GHOne television regarding the aforementioned promises by the government, where he was quick to point out some of the successful records and why he believes the NPP needs another term to continue and finish most of the projects.

"I think their (NPP Government) promises are achievable and well thought through, and if I'm to go by anything they have promised, in my view, looking at what they have done in other sectors, I'm inclined without a doubt that they will continue to go ahead and carry it out," he said when asked about his thought on the newly launched manifesto by the NPP.

He added that most of the things that are mentioned might take more than four years to accomplish, citing the National Theatre as an example, which according to him, a lot of time was taken in the planning stage before construction of the facility begun. Hence, the delay in the execution of some of the promises doesn’t mean they can’t be done.

"If you asked me, to build a state of the art auditorium doesn’t take four years, it takes time, as to whether it’s being completed, that’s the question, as to whether they are not doing what they (NPP) said they will do, I doubt, it takes time. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it. I stand to be corrected but even our national theatre that we had took about six good years of planning before the first brick was laid, so a promise that is made, I don’t think it will be done instantly,’’ he said.

He further endorsed the idea of the NPP to build recording studios for the private sector across the country to support the activities of the creative industry, adding that he doesn’t think the NPP Government is specifically targeting the creative arts industry just to win votes.