Politics of Saturday, 25 February 2012

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Selfish and Wicked Mafia Group Hijack NDC

– Concerned Members of NDC Hohoe North Constituency.

February 23, 2012. We welcome all of you to this very important press conference which is aimed at making attempts to address some negative developments on-going within the NDC Party and to revive the true spirit of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for victory in the 2012 general elections.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a fact that since the youth have worked very hard for the Party to come into power in 2008, we have been neglected, except some very selfish and greedy ones who are appointed to positions and are thinking only about themselves and someof them have the audacity to refer to the youth of the party as “opportunistic politician”.
We are most saddened by the division and infighting within the NDC and the attempt by someselfish and wicked Mafia group to hijack the partyand the President for their own parochial and political interest which if not addressed will cost the party adversely in the 2012 elections.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a statement of fact that the NDC got divided and Volta Region was totally neglected when some greedy and selfish individuals started working against the influence of the Party Founder, His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings and other influential Voltarians within the NDC to score their cheap political points.
We are aware of the machinations and activities of the Ahwoi’s, TotobiQuakyi, P.V. Obeng and their collaborators to destroy the big wigs within the NDC Party from the Volta Region.
We aware a team of young men are touring the region to meet with party executives in an attempt to undertake a dubious face saving exercise meant to blindfold deceive and undermine the intelligence of the good people of the Volta Region. We want to draw the attention of this “tourist” group currently in the region to the fact that, if there is any problem which can affect the electoral fortunes of the NDC in the 2012, such problems are rather in Accra and not in the Volta Region. We are asking them to go back to Accra and make peace with the Party Founder, His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings and resolve all the problems among the party’s leadership before coming to disturb our ears with sweet talks to canvass for our votes.
We are calling on the President, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, to immediately take steps to resolve all the differences between him and the Party Founder. We demand that the President must call AtoAhwoi and his collaborators to order since their actions are only aimed at destroying the party and will send the party into opposition.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let us all rise up and condemn the vicious and wicked manipulations of the Ahwoi’s and their collaborators and tell them in no uncertain terms that, enough is enough and they must stop holding themselves as if they own the party.
We are serving notice that, we can not and will not take part in any party activity in the region when the leadership of the party fails to unite and reconcile with His Excellency, Jerry John Rawlings. We are no more ready to tolerate any act which is aimed at treating the former president with contempt and undermining him and other people from the Volta Region.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we condemn the negative treatment meted out to Consul Alfred Woyome by the Party in connection with the Judgment Debt. It is sad that somebody who has dedicated all his time, resources, and energy towards building the NDC will be neglected and vilified by his own party members, simply because there are people in the party who envy him for the support he enjoys from the grassroots within the NDC.
We are most ashamed about the position taken by the party and government and wonder how we shall be treated by the party when we as ordinary members of the party should encounter any problem.
We want to put on record that the people of the Volta Region have been voting massively for the NDC because we see the party as a platform which will galvanize development of the region and also provide protection for our gallant citizens.
If the above is the conviction of the people of the region, how much has the current government demonstrated its commitment to the protection of the citizens of the Volta Region? All we can see as the youth of the party in the region on the part of government is betrayal and neglect of leading citizens of the Volta Region who are members of the NDC.
Ladies and Gentlemen, these are few questions we want to ask the President, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills:
1. Is he aware that there is teeming perception that he has been captured by the Ahwoi’s, totobiQuakyi, P.V. Obeng and their collaborator?
2. Is he aware the relationship between the party founder and the Ahwoi’s is negative?
3. Is he aware the relationship between Consul Alfred Woyome and the Ahwoi’s is negative?
4. Is he aware that the National Chairman is very quiet because he is not happy about the way he is handling party matters as the party’s leader?
5. Is he aware that the party’s properties are registered in the name of a company?
6. Is he aware that the so called newly NDC headquarters in Adabraka, Accra is owned by the Ahwoi’s?
7. Is the aware there are people around him who are not interested in the unity of the party, but are only interested in using the party to enrich themselves and families?
We are asking the President all these questions because we believe the President is the only person who can within 24 hrs resolve all the problems within the party.
We want to on this note tell the group currently touring the Volta Region to go back and make peace with the founder and we as the youth of the Volta Region would want to see the founder of our party come to the Volta Region and assure us of his commitment to campaign, and we promise we will give all our support for victory come 2012
Ladies and gentlemen we are watching with eagle eyes how the party and government will treat Consul Alfred Woyome who is a proud son of the Volta Region and financier of our Great Party, NDC.
Finally, we want to send a word of caution to Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Stan Dogbey and their group to desist from attacking Consul Alfred Woyome or we will equally advise ourselves.
We wish all of you present the best of the Day.
Thank you for coming.

Reginald Seth Dogbey
(Convener) 020 9103716