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Sabi: To know. Eg. "I sabi" means I know
Sakora: Totally shaved head; Baldhead
Sankofa: Comes from the language of the Akan people of Ghana and means looking back to move forward.
Shito: Spices/hot pepper
Skin Pain: 1 Malice. 2 Player hater.
Sopi: left over food: derived from the word Surplus
Sopiboys: (used in schools) Boys who rummage plates for left over food
Sound: A Slap. Eg. I go SOUND you
Spat: Sleep
Split: Leave, Escape, Go. Eg. I dey split means I'm leaving
Supi: Lesbianisim(?)
Susu: Voluntary informal saving schemes; It plays an important role in providing working capital for micro-enterprises in the informal sector;
Swine: Dispicable/Obnoxious person