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Chacha: Gambling
Chalay: Friend
Chaliwotay: Rubber slippers. "Wote" in the Ga language means "let's go." Challey is a slang term for pal or buddy. The name "chali wotay" may thus suggest the ease with which one wears the slippers and goes about his or her business, without the hassles of tying shoe laces.
Chao: plenty
Chas'kele: Ghanaian cricket. Played with a stick and battered empty milk can.
Chen-che-ma: Old Car;
derived from a bush in the forest, known for weak trunk, which fel over after rains and blocked the pathways. Akan Kyenkyema. Became popular sland in early seventies when a lot of new vehicles were imported and there was annoyance at the very old ones on the road that went too slow.
Choos: Food
Chop-money: Daily, Weekly or monthly house keeping allowance from Husband to wife.
Choose: Leave, Escape.
Chin-chin-ga: Kebab; Small pieces of grilled meat strung on a stick
Chisel: A cheat (a miser)
Chopbar: Local Resturant. Operates mainly at lunchtime.
Chrife: Born again christian.
Coco: (noun) Cornmeal porriadge; (verb) Easy
Colo Old fashioned. Derived from the word Colonial
Comot: 1 Come out 2 Get away! E.g. comot for here jo! 3 Excuse me e.g. comot road make I pass.