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Babylon: England
Battle Commander: Bulky Mobile/Cell phone
Betweener: One who assists to win a woman's heart for another
Big-man: 1. Rich and well connected man 2.Man in position of authority.
Bla: Bro; Brother; sign of respect for an elderly male.
Bleddyfool: Bloody Fool
Blow: (verb) to pass an exam; excel
Bobby-Stand: Vibrant Breast
Bomb: (verb) Fail an exam miserably
Bone-to-Bone: Two men dancing.
Bone Shaker: Tro Tro
Bottom Power: Undue favouritism toward's a female lover e.g Na bottom power she use get dat job o!
Bread: Money
Broni waawu: Second Hand clothing. (literal translation: The whiteman is dead)
Bubra: Draft beer
Buga: (soccer) hard tackle, usually illegal.
Bulla: Penis
Burgur: (prononced BOU-GA) Ghanaian living Abroad. This word originated from the word Hambuger, i.e. a resident of the German city Hamburg
Bushman: Illiterate, uncivilized person.