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Man stabs step-daughter for denying him sex

Comment: Not True - He needs to be emasculated

2010-08-17 20:28:02
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Mental problems due to hardship. O Ghana

No excuses for that sinful and silly act. If we are going to use that excuse, then from the President himself to 8 yr old male child (kids' testosterone levels nowadays are almost at the same level of that Ben Johnson when he was arrested) would be raping our women and girls. He needs to be emasculated.

Living with many people in the same room and trying to have your privacy is very difficult. This man probably has seen a lot and could not control himself. He needs to learn how to control himself, else, he will be shagging his own child.

Also, this lifestyle is this reason why our women are ashamed to show their bodies even when they are married. Because, they are brought up by covering themselves even when they are coming from the bathroom and sleeping.

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08-17 19:56
Not True - He needs to be emasculated
08-17 20:28