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Serve hearing notice on lawyer of alleged JB Danquah’s killers – Court

Comment: Akufo Addo is a MURDERER

2020-10-18 18:51:16
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Shameful Boys

If these foolish so called judges are not protecting Akufo Addo, why are they preventing the suspect to talk? What is it that they don't want to hear from the suspect? All of a sudden, this website has gone dead silence in this topic. Who are those foolish useless so called judges protecting? Akufo Addo and Kennedy Agyapong are the real murderers of the late MP. Even that if the Mfantsema one too, they know about his killing. A useless foolish ugly blood sucking gorilla. You will beg death before you die. Leave Asiedu free, if you can't trial him. On whose orders is his laywer not attending courts. Of course, on the orders of the foolish useless denture rotten 77 years old fake lawyer. Set the guy free now!

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10-18 05:49
Akufo Addo is a MURDERER
10-18 18:51