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Business News of Thursday, 23 April 2020


5 ways Ghanaians can save money during Coronavirus season

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted many plans, as it continues to spread across the world.

In Ghana, the number of positive cases recorded stands at 1,154, while 120 persons have also recovered.

Although the effects of the pandemic have been far-reaching, it doesn’t look all doom and gloom at the moment.

You can still take advantage of the ban on public gatherings and your stay at home to save some money.

Are you wondering how you can make this happen? Below are five ways…

1. Save that transport money if you’re staying home

In a bid to observe all social media protocols, many companies have implored their staff to work from home.

It might be frustrating working from home, but one advantage is that you are bound to spend less. So, why not save the money that you would have used for your daily transport? Good idea, right?

2. Don’t spend too much on data

Staying home, especially when you are alone, can be very boring. However, try your best not to spend too much on data.

Due to the incessant pressure on the internet service providers, data has become very expensive in recent weeks.

But, rather than spend all your money on data, you can save some money by balancing your time with free-to-air television., instead of always being on social media or streaming movies.

3. Put the party and chilling money at the bank

It is common among many people to party or chill during weekends. However, due to the ban on all public gatherings, that is currently not possible.

The good news is that you can save that money you usually use for partying in your bank account. Those four bottles of beer you would have bought during an outing; that money can be saved for future use.

4. Cancel subscriptions and memberships you can’t use

We are not in normal times and so there is no need keeping subscriptions or memberships that you rarely use.

Football games are currently suspended, so why not cancel that pay TV subscription to save money? You are no longer going to the gym as you used to, so what is preventing you from suspending your membership. Look sharp, dearies.

5. Buy in bulk, save on groceries

Being economical with your spending has never been more important than in this Coronavirus season.

You can, however, lesson your burden by buying in bulk. A secret many people do not know is that, it always costs less when buy in bulk. Also, try to save as much as you can on groceries. Do these, and you are sure to save a lot of money by the time this pandemic is over.