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Boxing News of Monday, 19 August 2013

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine

Bukom Banku warns Ayitey Powers

…and promise KO win any time, any where.

Cruiser weight popular boxing champon in Ghana, West Africa and Africa, Braima Komoko also called Bukom Banku (BB) has sent a strong warning message to his friend turned rival, Ayitey Powers also called “Ataa Kaa” on their impending fight that he does not want to kill anyone and be labeled as a murderer, but if he dares he will die.

Bukom Banku, who spoke to yours truly, Sammy Heywood Okine(SHO) last Sunday in an exclusive interview at the Bukom Square, where the champion often hangs out when he his not at home, made some stunning revelations.

Relax and read on.

SHO: How do you see the upcoming fight against Ayitey Powers?

BB: Hmmm ! I want to tell Ghanaians warn Ayitey Powers as I warn him myself through this medium, that I will kill him if he plays with me. He is not of my class and standard, but he can open his mouth and challenge me. I even want to arrest him and hand him over to the police as he is a thief and cocaine dealer? I am telling you. Powers, was a former Ghana, West Africa and Africa champion, he has incredibly lost more fights in his 39-fight career (18-20-1, 14 KOs) that has seen him fight several times in the UK as well as Australia, Algeria and even Benin. I have fought mostly in Ghana, and I will destroy him. I am a worthy champion. I am a real decorated WBO Africa champion. I was also honoured as the best WBO Africa boxer. What is the achievement of Ayitey Powers? He is a criminal. I will arrest him in the ring.

SHO: How? Can you prove, do you have evidence or the “pink sheets”?

BB: Ha ha ha, listen, I am saying it. Believe me. He is a fraudster. Even the airport security guards should beware of him when he is travelling. I heard he is in Australia. As for me, am in Ghana celebrating with my fans. I celebrated the Homowo Festival in grand style. I hired a truck and fixed large sound system to entertain the people. You know Bukom and surrounding areas are very interesting so I had to give them something to cheer about. I am a star but I never feel proud or neglect my fans. I do not show off. I am down to earth with my fans. I love my fans because they made me whom I am. I respect the media, but some are amateur.

SHO: So how are you preparing towards the fight, where do you train and who in your coach?

BB: Oh. Ha ha am not training, am sleeping with my girls. As for Ayitey Powers I do not need much training. I will sleep and wake up to beat him. I will knock him even if am dazed. Am in the James Town based Attoh Quarshie Gym headed by Coach Alloway Dzanie Kotey, but my main trainer is called Coach Wadada. Tell Powers to come and we fight for winner takes all like he proposed earlier, now he has changed his mouth for a new deal for the loser to take something home. I pity him. As for me am ready, though he is not in my class, I want to satisfy the fans. I have fans in Tamale, Kintampo, Takoradi, Kumasi, Tarkwa, Ada, Ho, Tema and Koforidua. You know? Am the people’s champion. I want to move out to fight for a world title, not Ayitey Powers. I want all my fans all around Ghana to come and watch this fight at the Accra sports Stadium. I promise to entertain the crowd.

SHO: So are you OK with the purse of the fight?

BB: (Laughs) have you heard of the demand of Ayitey Powers, who does not hold any title? He wants contract and tickets from Australia to Ghana. Tell him to sleep there. I am ready for the fight. I love the purse since the promoters are my managers. Every thing that Golden Concepts and Golden Mike Promotions do for me is good. They have done a lot for me and I am satisfied with the conditions and management.

SHO: Have you heard that people say your fans support you to win?

BB: Yes, they support me, but they do not fight. I do all the fighting in the ring and they jubilate. It is not an easy job to make people happy. I love my fans and I hope to be undefeated and crack and win the world title. You know, boxing is about you and your opponent in the ring and how you will outbox him to win on points or knock out.

SHO; so apart from boxing what else do you do?

BB: Oh so you do not know that am an actor and a musician? Am an entertainer. Am a creative person and I have even composed a song for Ayitey Powers and the people love it.ha ha Have you heard it.

SHO: do you remember your toughest fight, your best dish and best friend?

BB: Yes, it was against am Argentine. He was very tough, but I want through a technical knock Out when he fell to answer for the tenth round. I have forgotten his name. You can check in my records. I think I have 20 professional fights and am undefeated. There is no easy fight. I do not think I have ever had an easy fight. I always prepare very well for my fights that is why I always win. Ah ah ah you do not know my best dish? I love banku than any thing. My best friend is called Adjei Laryea. I am married to three wives and 11 children. I live with all of them at Bukom.

SHO: What is very best past time and are you into politics. I heard you want to be MP for Odododiodoo Constituency?

BB: Boxing is my number one game, boxing is my job, and boxing is my hobby I was joking when I said I want to be MP, but truly am for John Mahama. I am a true NDC man I love politics but to a low level, what I know in politics is John Mahama. I love my president. I think we live in a peaceful Ghana, we love ourselves and it must continue to be so. We are all one Ghanaians; we love peace we must work for the peace.

SHO: If the opportunity comes for you to travel outside to fight, will you go?

BB: Ah you paaa. Why are we in this game? We are in boxing to fight round the world. Not only in Ghana. I want to fight in the United States, England, though their boxers fear me, I want to fight in South America, Canada, Europe and Australia. Every body knows am a better boxer that was why I was given a SWAG Award. But now I want a world title. I don’t want Award, I want world title. My record is too good to carry a world title. I am ready for any of the world champions.

SHO: Thank you very much for sharing this information.

BB: You are very much welcome, my brother. If any thing just call me.

SHO: Ok we must pray for understanding, a good fight and friendship.

BB: One love

SHO: good bye