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Boxing News of Friday, 28 December 2001


Interview Ben Tackie

"Tszyu is a Great champion but he needs to beat me if he wants to go down in history"

By Ike Enwereuzor/

27.12 - NABF 140-pound champion Ben "Wonder" Tackie of Accra, Ghana now (22-2) 14KO's is expected to make his return to action on January 18, 2002 at Foxwoods Casino, Ledyard, CT

Here is what Tackie had to say......

How is your holiday coming along?
We pray and thank God for all. Our training camp is going good as we get ready for Teddy Reid. The fight will take place January 18, at Foxwoods Casino. I think he (Teddy) is the USBA champion and I'm the NABF champ so we're going to put our titles on the line.

How and why did you decide to box?
I started boxing at the age of 15 years old. I had 40 fights and lost only one. We had to work hard or fight to eat in our family.

What can you tell us about your first professional fight?
I remember, I was 130 pound and I fought a Nigerian guy. It was a very tough fight for me. I learn from that fight not to be scared of anyone in the ring. I was so nervous the first time.

Please, describe your fight with Golden Johnson?
Johnson boxed well but I was the better man that night. Teddy Reid thinks he's tough, he hasn't seen anything yet. He couldn't beat Golden Johnson, so what makes him think he can touch me.
Teddy better watch his mouth and keep it shot. He has nothing but a surprise from me. I want Kostya Tszyu after this one.

Impression of Kostya Tszyu?
Great champion, good fighter but he needs to beat me if he wants to go down in history.

Tell us about your fight with Fred Pendleton?
It was a great fight for me. This is exactly why I said I don't talk much, I just come in and take care of business in the ring. Fred can hit with his right more than Teddy reid can. So, Teddy can keep talking all the junk he wants. I know what I can do so Teddy better watch out for "Wonderman" Tackie. I shocked ESPN2 and all the fans the way I destroyed Fred.

How about your fight with John Molina?
Another good fight but I was robbed that fight though I was a little sick with Malaria fever. I wasn't 100% but he was running all over the place when I caught him with some powerful shots and crowd booed at the decison because they wanted to get him another payday by trying to get him another title shot. he was even going to quit but his corner kept making him come back out and they promised they will get the decision.

Your thoughts of Teddy Reid?
He's a good fighter and a nice puncher. I don't care what he has I'm going to win. He doesn't have more power than myself. We'll see the better man on January 18.It will be between him and I in the ring. I'll shake the world and Tszyu will come next.

What can you tell our readers about your last fight Which was against Ray Oliveria and you captured the NABF from Ray?
Oh, my God, it was the fight of the year. Ray Oliveria is a very good fighter, he boxed well and took some good shot from me. I learn a lot from that fight, I learn to move and throw combination. I beat Ray with my punches but he trained very well for that fight, if he didn't I would have knock him out. I hope Teddy is training hard for this fight too or he'll be in serious trouble. I'm going to kick his ass.

Any thoughts on your fellow Countrymen Azumah Nelson and Ike Quartey?
I learn a lot from Ike Quartey and Azumah Nelson. I can fight both styles but Azumah is retired now. He was a great champion and I'm inspired by him. Quartey was a very strong fighter with very good skills.

Any comments to your fans?
I want to wish my fan happy holiday. I thank them for all their supports I wish my people at home in Ghana the same and I want them to know that 2002 will bring good to us.