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Boxing News of Friday, 16 August 2013

Source: Cubagee Uriel

Did Emmanuel Taggoe Say His Opponent Is A Tough Boxer?

‘’The Game Boy ‘’Emmanuel Taggoe needs to be commended for his victory over Mexican boxer Geraldo Robbles last Saturday in the United States. If not for anything , it rekindled the hope of Ghana boxing. Boxing which used to be the passion of Ghana during the days of Azumah Nelson , Nana Yaw Konadu, Ike Quartey is fast loosing interest on the part of the sporting fraternity as recent results from Ghanaian boxers in major fights have been disappointing if not shameful. Checking the fact file of Taggoe Vs Geraldo’s fight, I got bewildered when I read Emmanuel Taggoe’s post match interview which has pushed me to make the facts bare .

“I defeated Ashie and my critics said I did not deserve that victory. They never gave me any credit for hard work.

“I went on to beat Ronald Pontilas and the credit was given to the referee. People said the referee aided me to win the fight, whilst other said I can never make it outside Ghana.”

The tough talking Tagoe said, the criticisms rather spurred him on to work harder: “I am sure they will be revising their notes by now, because I have come all the way to the dreaded America to win against a very tough opponent and I am happy with this feat.

“I looked around and noticed I was fighting in a different atmosphere with an unfriendly fan base and the only option was for me to over-work myself to win”, he said.

Emmanuel Taggoe’s should be told in plain language that his Braggadocio will ruin him. Did he fight Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquaio ? Geraldo Robbles is a boxer with no reputation and I wonder the objective his promoters wanted achieve because truly speaking the only benefit Taggoe had in the fight in terms of his boxing development was the international exposure. Geraldo Robbles before coming up against Emmanuel Taggoe had fought 27 times, won 16(7ko) lost 12(3ko) drawn 0. Out of 27 fights 11 were four rounds fights, 9 six rounds fights, 6 eight rounds fights, 1 ten rounds fight. Interestingly Robbles lost his only longest fights . First against Jose Felix Jnr on 02 Feb. 2013 which was 10 round fight and the 12 round fight against Taggoe.

Again, Geraldo Robbles before fighting Taggoe had never fought a title fight. Be it national or continental title. Emmanuel Taggoe on the other hand before his last fight had fought 22 fights, won 21(ko 9), lost 1 , drawn o. 8 twelve round fights, 1 ten round fight , 10 eight round fights , 3 six round fights. He has never fought in fights with stipulated duration less than 6 rounds. He has again fought seven title fights which he won all. From the facts given , I would like to ask Taggoe if his opponent was a tough boxer in their fight or from his previous fights? My Dear Taggoe, don’t make mountain out of an anthill . It is obvious , Geraldo Robbles was a clear case of mismatch for Taggoe .I sincerely congratulate Baby Jet Promotions for their immense effort to resuscitate Ghana’s boxing but it will do them and Ghana a lot of good if people like Azumah Nelson, Moses Foh Amoaning and the likes are included in their organization for advice to save their noble institution from such mediocre fights.

Congratulations to Emmanuel Taggoe but remember we are yet to see you fight tough boxers outside the shores of Ghana.