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Boxing News of Thursday, 15 November 2012

Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Agbeko Targets World Champion Title

... calls for peace ahead of December Polls.

Former IBF Bantam Weight Champion Joseph “King Kong” Agbeko has revealed that he is working hard to reclaim his past Glory.

Speaking to this reporter, the usually soft spoke boxer registered his personal disappointment at his performance in his last bout with Abna Mares.
Contrary to views of pundit that he was not physically up to the challenge, he had this to say “ I did not loose to Mares on physical grounds but I think that tactically, we got it wrong”

Though very confident in his trainer and backroom staff, he believed that it was down to tactical error on the part of the entire team and that the mistake has been identified and would not repeat itself again.

According to him, despite calls by many boxing fans allover the world to face Abna Mares again, he believes that boxers like Nonito Danaires, Yoni Perez, Leo Santa Cruz represent a match better opponent and a step up rather than Abna Mares.
He was however quick to add that given the chance, he would complete the unfinished business he has with him though he is currently occupied by more important project outside the ring.
He also revealed that due to his recent losses, he is focusing on steadily rebuilding and rise through the ranks by engaging in at least two less profile bout to put himself in position to have a shot at the world title.
"I have to pay back the people of Ghana with a the world champion title and I am gradually working on that."
"Ghanaians have given me so much and I feel very highly indebted to them and the least I can do is to present them with the world champion title once again."
"I have let them down a couple of times and I feel it is time to pay them back". he stressed.
Joseph Agbeko who is on a nationwide tour campaigning for peace ahead of the December Polls used the opportunity to call on Ghanaians to be circumspect in their utterances and allow the electoral process go on without any form of interference.
He revealed that he has put aside everything to ensure that his peace advocacy reaches the length and breath of the country.
"I prefer having a peaceful Ghana without the world champion title than being world champion when my country is at war so I have put aside boxing to contribute my quota to ensure that the election is indeed peaceful.
He further called on every Ghanaian to participate in the process and place the interest of mother Ghana first.