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Boxing News of Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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Bukom Banku and Ayittey Powers bout in the offing

Chief Executive of Golden Concept Management, Mr. Henry Manly Spain has shown interest in staging the much anticipated showdown between World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa light heavyweight champion, Braimah ‘Bukom Banku’ Kamoko and Ayittey Powers on a winner-takes-all arrangement.

This, according to him, will make room to assess Powers’ genuineness in providing the quality fight he has assured the fans or whether it is the usual brag by boxers to gain a measure of popularity or to earn some purse.

Mr. Spain, who doubles as a board member of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) and president of Golden Mike Boxing Promotion, previous managers of Kamoko, is among the many skeptics who believe Powers is over the hill and has nothing more to offer, but would like to give that bout a shot to end the debate as to who rules in the light heavyweight division.

The controversy was stirred by Powers, affectionately known as ‘Ataa Kaa’ on his return from the UK where he had a bad campaign and in a bid to get back to the top in the division, called to question the credibility of Banku.

He accused Bukom Banku of fighting half-baked boxers with the aid of his management. He has also maintained that he was the better boxer between the two in their amateur days and will establish that superiority over Banku any time the opportunity presents itself.

Banku has accepted the challenge to fight him but what has stalled it is the seeming lack of interest by promoters.

But according to the boxing enthusiast, boxers have often resort to such tactics to attract the attention of promoters to feature them in their events.

“Sometimes, they live up to expectation but most of the time, they fail to impress and I have that feeling Powers will follow that trend but the interest it has generated in the media and among the fans is making me take a second look,” he said.

The GBA board member said he will consider staging the fight anytime soon at Bukom or any other venue that will attract the boxing masses in their numbers.

But that, he said, will be on condition that both boxers will agree on the winner-takes-all arrangement so the loser will go home with nothing.

When this is done, future challenges among boxers will be taken more seriously.