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Thoughts of a Clueless Mind

Joseph Owusu-Ansah

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Paperback (316 pages)



Editorial Description

Time and time again mankind have adopted an attitude that what they can not see around them does not exist and even if they think it exists it is thought to be inferior. We are in love with the status quo. Is it ignorance or prejudice? Dr. John Wiseman was a very learned man, not only in his own conceit but also by universal acclaim. What he did not know was not worth knowing! As part of Dr Wiseman's dissertation on Comparative Intelligence of the Races, he conducted an intelligence test on four seven-year old boys from China, India, Italy and the imaginary state of Gamberia in black Africa. After the test, in which he declared Kotokro from Gamberia to be the least intelligent, thus confirming his preconceived opinion, he set out for Gamberia to return the boy to his parents. What happened to Dr. Wiseman and Kotokro after a plane crash deep in the African jungle? Does he have enough knowledge and strategies to survive? Or is his intelligence just the thoughts of clueless mind ...