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Voices from Words

Kofi Gyang

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Paperback (92 pages)



Editorial Description

TitleVOICES FROM Kofi Oteng Gyang Voices From Words sing seven stories and eight magnificent poems about love, passion, hope, joy, friendship, beauty and the resilience of women. Try Ignorance is about Honi Panye a bad man for 80 years who feels compelled to confess before he dies. The Diary Of Suzy Wang reveals the personal sentiments of a 19 year old about to commit suicide because of 'love troubles.' In Me And Mrs Jones, naive, dangerous, virgin Jojo falls madly in love with Mrs. Jones and intends to kill her husband. And when the gods bless you with love, Let Not Your Nights Be Silent and Do Not Follow Him Softly Up That Road beseech you to let your body 'sing and shout' in full abandonment. Hope and encouragement for Africa's future generations are provided in Africa Shall Be Free and And God Gave Man A Name. The story of Dates from Timbuktu sings the resilience of woman and the hidden beauty in Africa. And, we are yet to see the one who goes in In And Out Of Africa and remains unchanged.Thro The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death is a hip hop song about the meaning of words. It reveals how to avoid finding oneself on cold cement floors. For those who long for Shakespearean sonnets of yore, there is Lady Reola, who is offered a lesson about 'better every minute of blessed love to take...' There are seasonal blessings for all in Blessings for June. Finally, life's experiences are captured in Red laughter, Blue Tears. This book is a gem, an unforgettable treasure of voices from words.