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Confessions of a Neglected African Daughter

Kwasi Bosompem

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Paperback (93 pages)



Editorial Description

This is a story about AKOSUA SOJOURNER MENSAH, an ambitious and intelligent young woman from Ghana in Africa, who takes control of her life after abuse and overcomes a tradition of neglect and gender discrimination. Akosua never had any higher education in Africa. The blame is on her father, Mr. John Mensah, who preferred Akosua to marry and be a homemaker rather than further her higher education. Akosua runs away from home and travels to Lagos City in Nigeria where she hustles and works very hard to save money to finance her college education in the United States. The story also highlights the conflicts between old traditions and the aspirations of young women in a modern society. The story highlights her desperate efforts, successes, and tragedies until she realizes her American dream