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The Marriage of Anansewa/Edufa: Two Plays (Longman African Classics Series)

Efua Theodora Sutherland

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Textbook Binding (160 pages)

Longman Publishing Group


Editorial Description

The Marriage of Anansewa Adapting the conventions of Akan story-telling, Efua Sutherland has succeeded brilliantly in producing a sparkling and hilarious play. Ananse's beautiful daughter, Anansewa, is his most valuable asset - if he can persuade one of the country's cheifs to marry her. But what if Anansewa doesn't love the chief? A small problem compared to what will happen if all the chiefs decide they want to marry Anansewa! Part farce, part serious social comment The Marriage of Anansewa is a fast-moving story of greed and cunning - with just a hint of youthful romance. Edufa Edufa is an honourable man - but what price has he paid for his wealth and position? In this sombre exploration of the dark side of ambition, Efua Sutherland gives a West African twist to Faust's pact with the Devil.