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Structural Adjustment and Mass Poverty in Ghana (Avebury Series in Philosophy)

Kwabena Donkor

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Hardcover (265 pages)

Ashgate Publishing


Editorial Description

There has been a widespread recognition of the need to reform the economies of African States. The bone of contention has been the form such reforms should take. The two main views on this issue are the Lagos Plan of Action and the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Stabilization and Structural Adjustment Policies. This book aims to explore the rationale for, the implementation of, and the economic and social effect of the World Bank Structural Adjustment Policy in Ghana from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. The book takes the reader through Ghana's (and indeed Africa's) development history, and locates the macro economic and associated problems confronting the Ghanaian state in the 1990s in its historical and contemporary context. Structural Adjustment Programmes are an outcome of the African development hiccup. But are such programmes appropriate? Do they address the structural weakness of the African economy? In this book the author aims to provide the most relevant analysis of how meaningful development in the political, social and economic sphere has been subverted through incompetent management, a hostile external environment and the stranglehold of international finance capital. A result of the above is the exacerbation of mass poverty in Ghana.