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A New Agenda For Ghana: Building a Nation on Vision and Ideas Volume One

Okyere Bonna

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Hardcover (248 pages)



Editorial Description

When I speak for Ghana, I speak for Africa. Corruption is endemic in African politics because of a colonial mentality. Only when these inherited attitudes are overturned will Ghana quit running in circles and move into her future. The neo-colonialists must be voted out, for all they care about is their own stomachs. In this book you'll find coverage of political and social subjects that make this sad fact very clear. Ghana is ready for leaders who identify with the people and envision progressive ideas that move us into the continent's glorious future. We look in these pages at that future and the kind of leader Ghana needs. We look to the year 2020 and our goal of self-reliance. When we Ghanaians go to the polls in 2008, we can oust the old leaders and bring into office younger candidates with fresh ideas. Then we will move into developing our treasures, and the day will not be long off when Ghana will no longer require financial assistance from other parts of the world.

Reader Reviews

Great insight into Ghana politics
This is a great insight into politics in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Yes indeed, Africa has lots of Academics and educated people who have the book know how but suprisingly we are yet to elect leaders who have sense of integrity and commitment to accountability to the ordinary people. I also believe just like the book suggests that good leadership is about character..lead by example.