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The Quest For Spiritual Transformation: Introduction to Traditional Akan Religion, Rituals and Practices

Nana Akua Kyerewaa Opokuwaa

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Paperback (202 pages)

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Editorial Description

Are you searching for a spiritual path that speaks to your cultural identity? Are you curious about the connection of the African-American experience to ancient African culture and spirituality? The Quest for Spiritual Transformation: An Introduction to Traditional Akan Religion, Rituals, and Practices is an important contribution to the exploration of cultural approaches to healing the mind, body, and spirit. Author Nana Opokuwaa clearly illustrates the connection between the traditions and beliefs of Africans born in the Diaspora to the ancient customs of the Akans. Her writing style exhibits a special sensitivity and compassion that shows appreciation for the reader’s need for guidance. Opokuwaa’s approach to explaining the Akan Akom Tradition brings clarity to the complicated practices associated with African religion in the Diaspora. In addition to seven study guides meant to serve as discussion points within your organization, group of friends, or for yourself, this book includes a list of references to enlighten you about Akan culture, customs, and traditions. There is a glossary of Twi words, with which readers may not be familiar, utilized in the book and an index for readily available reference. In the follow-up to Akan Protocol: Remembering the Traditions of Our Ancestors, Opokuwaa continues her effort to share information about the ancient traditions and customs of the Akans of Ghana, West Africa.

Reader Reviews

Another Excellent work
For those of you tired of the non-black dominated prostituted religions and spirits of the yoruba, voodoo and santeria religions, and are seeking to link "blood wise" with people and spirits your actually descended from as a african american, this is the book to get.It is a wonderful treatise and introduction to the religious concepts and beleifs of the Akan people.What i am very impressed with is the author, intructs the reader how to construct an akan based, what i call a "portal to the higher realms" , or more commonly known as a ancestor shrine.Blacks need to reaslise that thier ancestors, millions of them are stuck in limbo at the bottom of the sea, underground in the earth without proper burial in america and the new world. They are spectral spirits in a constant of suffering in the spirit world, because of what they expereinced in the slave systems orchestrated by the moslums and european christians.Unless they are freed and appeased, they will i mean will destroy thier descendents who do not even recognise them, nor themselves not respect themselves.