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BBC Pidgin of Friday, 19 March 2021


Sunday Igboho: Nigerians react as activist call for 'Yoruba nation'

Nigerians don begin react afta Yoruba freedom activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo wey many pipo sabi as Sunday Igboho call for a 'Yoruba nation'.

For inside one video wey don go viral, di Yoruba activist say di South-Western states no dey part of Nigeria again.

E say di reason na sake of insecurity for di kontri and di fact say Yoruba pipo no get peace and no get dia own voice for Nigeria.

Wit di declaration, di activist say make all Yoruba's wey dey live for Hausa/Fulani territory make dem return home before war break out.

"As e dey now, we no dey under Nigeria. If dem no intervene, tins go bad beyond control".

"We no dey safe anywhere, we no fit sleep in peace, we no fit travel, wetin we do, we be slaves?" Igboho ask all dis questions for inside di video.

Sunday Igboho add join say Yoruba pipo no do any wrong, dem only choose wrong leaders.

E also say dem go open all di Nigeria borders wey goment close as dem no get interest to dey part of di kontri again.

Oga Igboho say all yoruba kings dey behind dem and if any of dem deny am make e do press conference.

How Nigerians React

Dis recent call from Sunday Igboho don make plenti Nigerians begin tok as even e name begin trend for social media.

Some pesin begin react by calling for di arrest of Sunday Igboho while some odas dey indifferent about wetin di yoruba activist tok.

One social media user write say make pipo close to Sunday Igboho tell am to calm down and add say di 'rhetorics' don dey get too far.

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