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Music of Wednesday, 9 June 2004


Abrewa Nana Visits Studio To Unleash Her New Album Soon

Abrewa Nana For someone who did not embrace music at a tender age and did not discover her talent for singing early enough until she started miming and doing copyrights of some of her favourite musicians was Abrewa Nana. Abrewa Nana is now firmly established in the raglife game and has 2 successful albums to her credit. She is currently in the studios working on her third album that will hit the music industry in the next two or three months.

"I made a demo tape in 99 with a Nigerian friend who owned a studio. I started talking to people about my songs and got them also to listen to it. I met the owner of Precise Music who said my ragga was good. Later on I met Mark Okraku Mante of Slip Music who said I should give him 8 months for him to listen to my demo. Jah (God) being so good on my side I  did a hot track with Sass Squad called ?Tuma? which was an instant hit for a very long time and found its way into the playing list of most DJs. I was at a show with Sass Squad at Gold Blast which I exquisitely showed my musical features. After the show, Bandex who was then handling Nash Towah saw me and told me he was down with my stage performance and my flow in the song. Bandex called me the following day after he had listened to my songs. DKB Studios then did my first work", said Aberewa Nana.

"The 'Sagoa' album got me in the nominees list in the 2nd edition of the Ghana Music Awards as Female Artiste of the Year, Rap Song of the Year and New Artiste of the Year" she added.

The second album 'African Girl' had interesting tracks like 'Meda Emya mu' featuring Akosua Agyepong, 'Sika' and 'Wa rushi crushi'. 'Warushi crushi' remix had a video clip which was shown a lot of times on TV stations.

Ghana Music.Com asked her if she had some favourite tracks on her 'African Girl' album and she took a minute to go through the tracks on her album and said she enjoys 'Wa rushi crushi' which is still being played on the airwaves, parties and social gatherings. She also bases her lyrics on everyday activities around herself and would love to do a duet with Lauryn Hill, formerly of Fugees.

When Ghana Music.Com again asked her where she got the name Abrewa Nana from, she explained by saying "Well I was named after my grandmother (Nana) and I decided to add the Abrewa to it. But that does not mean I am an old woman. I am very energetic and young in the raglife game", she said.

Her latest album will feature a lot of artistes like Batman, Tinny, Yoggi Doggy and more. "I am doing this album for the sake of those out there and also trying to give them what they want. But it's a pity I can't tell when the album will be ready for the music market but they should expect something wild" she added.

Abrewa Nana said her new album will be better than the other ones, the flavour will also change and there will be a lot of featurings on this album and a whole a lot of surprises.

Ghana Music.Com asked her how she got into the raglife game which is picking up and she answered by saying "When I was in JSS I used to mime Mariah Careh and Aaliyah a lot. I really got down into ragging in Polytechnic and that was when I started writing my own lyrics. I discovered that raglife music was part of me when I was at Takoradi Poly."

Abrewa Nana thinks the raglife scene is very competitive. She chose to be in the raglife game because she wanted to be unique. But she bitterly laments about the Patua understanding in Ghana by some musicians and the public who also do not understand it. She also thinks the female artistes are not many but the few artistes like Ras Nigga, the ragga girl of Tripple M are playing their role well in the raglife scene.

Abrewa Nana who is a member of MUSIGA also thinks there are some problems with the music industry and complains bitterly about the Piracy and Payola as the main problems bringing down the music industry. She also wants people to invest into the music industry because it's lacking a lot.

For her message to the young gals, "she wants to encourage girls joining the raglife wagon to take their education serious because there are more problems in music in Ghana. They should also come out and exploit their talents in the hiplife game too.

To me I think Abrewa Nana is a lady who deserves much recognition for her contribution to the Ghanaian music industry as a popular raglife female artiste. Abrewa Nana gained international recognition at the Ghana Music Awards UK 2003 when she was awarded the Best Female Artiste of the Year and also staged some performances at UK, USA, Togo and Benin. She really enjoyed her performance at the Terry Bonchaka Nite and also with Tony Tetuila.

Abrewa Nana known in real life as Dorcas Opoku Dakwa was born on 3rd December to Isaac Dakwa (an Akan) and Juliana Blankson (a Fanti). She is currently at Goethe Institute studying Deustch but had her primary and JSS education at Datus Complex (Dansoman), SSS at Aggrey Memorial Secondary School and also offered RSD Stage III at Takoradi Polytechnic. Her hobbies are reading, watching films, listening to hiphop, jazz and hiplife music.

Four years to come, Abrewa Nana will like to see herself big on the international music market  with some English songs. She wants to say a big thank you to her Producer, Alhaji Banda of Bandex for believing in her, her mum who is now so proud of her, all DJs, her fans and lovers of raglife music.