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2001 Review

2001 Awards

by Francis Akoto
Person of the Year WINNER: Ghanaian
Ghanaba's Story
Abbreviation of the year WINNER: HIPC IT IS AMAZING how Ghanaians can turn serious situations into funny forms just to enjoy themselves or ridicule important issues. This attitude perhaps has some positive side. It makes the Ghanaian always full of smiles when such jokes are being shared in difficult times. The following appellations were concocted. 
Highly Indebted “Positive Change”
HIPIM - Highly Indebted “Poor Man” by Civil Servants 
HIPIW - Higly Indebted “Poor Woman” 
HIPUS - Highly Indebted “Poor University Students”
Einstein Award WINNER: Parlamentarians Ghanaian tax payers are yet to figure out the answer to the equation below. Hopefully our "smart" parliamentarians do

(AnnualSalaryx4) - [Tax+ (Rentx48)+(foodx48)+(utilitiesx48)+(otherExpensesx48)+carLoan] = ?

For the mathsPhobia: How do they expect to pay back the $20,000 car loan in 4 years on a $300/mth salary?

"Konongo Kaya" Award WINNER: J. H. Mensah. Awarded to a person  who does not belong to a place, or can't perform a particular task yet won't yield to someone who can.
"What Have U Done for me lately" Award WINNER: NDC If you could not do it in 8 years, how do u expect it to be done in one?
"Kokofu Football" Award WINNER: NPP "Kokofu football" is a game in which one passes the ball only to his brother/friend/relative. 
Joke of the Year Aman was going around 1.00am alone in his car and got to the Teshie-Nungua checkpoint in Accra.  The police man stopped him and asked for everything which he gave out. The police had nothing to ask again, in order to charge him. Guess what the police man said?
"I dey charge you for driving alone at this time of the day, if you get accident now who go tell your people ?
The man replied: I'm not alone, Jesus Christ is with me here. Angel Gabriel, Angel Rapheal, Angel Micheal and five angels are also with me. 
The police man said: "All these people inside this your small car ? I charge you for overloading"
The man replied: Massa, they are just here in spirit 
"Spirit? Apeteshie or Pito? You're now charged with Driving Under the influence and overloading.
Sportsman of the Year WINNER: Samuel Kuffour Move over Abedi, if this guy wins and African Nations cup, you'll be history. 
"Face-the-wall" Award WINNER: Atlanta Taxi Drivers who sued This award is dedicated to folks who should be ashamed of themselves.
THE STORY: A group of 14 cabbies sued a fellow driver who organized a collective lottery pool, claiming he unfairly left them out of a $90 million Big Game jackpot and kept the winnings for himself and about two dozen other drivers. Read the story
If  this group had a ticket for flight 727 on 9/11, and missed it, they might have sued united airlines. 
"Papa Samo" Award WINNER: Kofi Annan Wofa, thanks for puting us on the world map, but "you don stay whiteman country too long".
OJ Simpson Award WINNER: Ben Koufie & Co They did it, but we can't prove it. The $25,000, from the Nigerian governer, was a bribe, but we can't prove it.
Year's Top stories
  • May 9: 129 people Die @ Accra Sports stadium
  • Mallam Issa's Missing $46,000
  • $25,000 Car Loan
  • Serlomey's Trial
  • ?
  • 126 who dies at Accra sports stadium
  • Gordon Prempeh
  • SK Oppong
  • Justice Abban
  • Kojo Botsio
  • Emmanuel Afuakwah ( World Trade Center Victim)
  • ?? Addo (World Trade Center Victim)