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Sports Features of Saturday, 18 July 2015

Source: Edusei, Opoku

Who Is Advising Asamoah Gyan?

Wonders will never end especially in today’s world which is hijacked by lies, deceit and treachery. It is not surprising that it is now virtually impossible to find genuine friends and advisors who are bent on telling you the truth notwithstanding the consequences. There are so many people who call themselves friends who will associate with you for what it is wealth without necessarily having your interest at heart. The same permeates in our body politics today where people parade in the corridors of power for their own personal aggrandizement. It beats my imagination and reasoning why the advisors of Mr Asamoah Gyan( AG) a.ka. Baby Jet, could allow the impending case between him and Miss Sarah Kwablah to travel this far when they could have resolved it amicably for what it is wealth. What is wrong in spending a paltry $30,000.00 to resolve the issue under reference to protect his image, reputation and career? Why should AG allow himself to be publically ridiculed in a case which could have been solved with his ‘1(one) Day Pay”? This is not only crazy but preposterous and absurd because those who are perpetuating the case are not doing it for free.
It is true that the eye does not see itself unless by reflection and certainly AG needs dedicated, objective and fair-minded people around him by nature of his status as a celebrity. It is true that few people have attained the status he has reached and that comes with a serious prize if his actions are not well measured. I have listened to Dr Ampah on this issue on a television show and also read other excerpts from the print media involving his relationship with Miss Sarah Kwablah, and I am very horrified by the sequence of events. Who is advising AG because I sincerely believe in my eye mind that he is being misled and ill-advised by certain peoples for reasons that I am not privy to. This is a bad case which has disaster as its banner and should have been resolved amicably long time ago; it is very strange to see this case travel this far which is my deepest worry.
It is a fact that AG had a relationship with Miss Sarah Kwablah; it is also a fact that they had unprotected sex during the period which has created this controversy. It is also an established fact that the lady in question is a student at school being sponsored well by her parents who are living overseas. If the lady has indicated that she is pregnant with AG at a time where the pregnancy cannot by verified by any known and reasonable procedure, it is only logical that AG takes charge until the lady delivers for DNA to be done. It does not hurt to take care of someone you have dated before granting the fact that one good turn deserves another so if AG is even taking care of her for any other reason that is even okay after were once lovers. Besides, the fact still remains that AG has had unprotected sex with her so who should bear the consequences of her upkeep granting the fact that the baby could possibly be his? Has AG thought about this whole ordeal and the history he is helping to create if the baby turns out to be his? AG should claim down and allow reasoning to take place in his thought process; he should suppress his ego and emotions because that will destroy him.
It is true that AG has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately and this does not augur well for his image and status in our society. It is inherently important for him to ensure that he maintains a certain balance since that could affect his career and life accordingly, after good name is better than wealth. By nature of his wealth and stature, what prevents him from spending about $50,000.00 to kill this mischief if any? The law is no respect of persons and if he allows the case to travel it to its full length, it will certainly be an albatross on his neck and no amount of money can save him unless presidential pardon.
We have just witnessed the end of Dr Sulley Ali Garbass’ case, it started slowly and he has now been sentenced to jail for 25 years for defilement. This is the reality!! AG, your wealth and ego have clouded your judgment believing that you are untouchable and invincible; however, when the law takes it course you will be definitely declared persona non grata in your own country. How do you see yourself being arrested for an un bailable offense? Can you imagine the disgrace? Who will enjoy your $3 million mansion then? It is time for you to wise up, be a man and accept your responsibilities; you should not depend on the vampires who are only interested in prolonging the case for their own benefits in lieu of your image and life. Please, remember that this case is like the law of gravity, it will definitely hurt you so heed to my advice and settle this case for your own good.