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Sports Features of Thursday, 7 May 2015


Kojo Brown - Ghana’s next Abedi Pele

Naturally, he is a left-back. But on the pitch one can hardly tell he is a guardsman. He is a technically gifted player with skills and precision.

Twenty-one-year-old Kojo Brown is a Ghanaian footballer who has spent most part of his life in Europe – Germany – and Australia. At a very tender age, the rearguard who can adapt as a midfielder and at the same time a striker, caught the eyes of lovers of the beautiful game.

Having played for Sunshine Coast F.C and Richmond SC all in Australia, Brown is currently based in Germany training and schooling at the same time until the transfer season opens to consider one of his numerous suitors. caught up with him after training where he talked about his ambition to play for Ghana although he has been approached by a couple of European teams to divert his national allegiance, why Ghana’s Abedi Pele has had a lot of influence on him and why he feels Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo among others.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

Brown: I was born in Ghana. And left the country with my parents to Australia when I was about six years old. It was my father who got me into football, having taken me to a football match in Australia. My love for football developed after that. Since then I started playing football. Football runs through my blood. For me it’s a natural thing. Everything about me is football.

Any role models?

Brown: Growing up, I wouldn’t say I had role models but I had people who I will say I aspired to be like – Thierry Henry and Abedi Pele. They were influential and always immense in every game. Abedi for instance can dribble almost the whole park even at a very young age. Those who have watched me on the pitch can easily identify my speed with Henry and the vision I always have is that of Abedi Pele. My style of play is modelled around them, but I always try to be myself.

What kind of player are you?

Brown: I’m always comfortable on the ball. A very calm player, but robust. A very skilful defender with the ability to pass in long range and they are quite accurate. Predominantly, I’m stronger on the left, but I’m quite comfortable on the right. I’m versatile and sometimes play as a midfielder and a striker.

What do you do to relax?

Brown: I’m a quiet person. I like to watch movies as much as I can. I watch TV series as well. I enjoy visiting a couple of friends and I train a lot. I enjoy basketball and play video games (play station) as and when I can.

Do you love music?

Brown: I like RnB, gospel and a little bit of everything. I really don’t mind as long as there is music and it can inspire and get me going.

What’s your favourite food?

Brown: Jollof rice!

How do you cope with the German culture?

Brown: I visit Ghana almost every two years. I miss Ghana a lot. Of course, there is a cultural difference between both countries but I get the love and care that I want. The people are welcoming and lovely.

Do you follow Ghana football?

Brown: I love Ghana football. I followed the Black Stars a lot at the last World Cup. I have been keeping an eye on the World Youth Championship as well. Anytime I have the chance I follow Ghana football because I love to see my people playing.

Any prediction for Ghana U20 at New Zealand?

Brown: When it comes to Ghanaian young players they are quite strong and focused. I see them going very far.

Are you capable of playing for Ghana?

Brown: Definitely. I watch the national teams and I fit into the U-21 or 23. That will not be a problem at all. I know it’s going to be tough to break into the national teams but I’m definitely capable. I am quite a versatile player although I’m a left-back, I can score goals which is one of my assets. Last year I scored four goals and set up 10. I have a very skilful and accurate feet. I am more than ready to play for Ghana. I will bring a lot of difference. I will bring a lot of stability to the defence and add more to the score sheet and help reduce the tally as well.

Who do you wish to pair up with in defence in the national team?

Brown: I will say Jonathan Mensah because I can coordinate with him. He is a very fit and strong player. I admire him a lot. He is a great centre back.

What do you hope to achieve in the years to come?

Brown: My dream is to be at the World Cup. I know it’s quite ambitious, but nothing is impossible. When you dream big, you make it with God on your side. I also want to increase my work rate and always standout.

What’s your view about education and football?

Brown: Education is key. Every player needs it whether professional or amateur. Money and fame are good but education takes one far. The two go together to make one a better player.

What’s the future of Ghana football?

Brown: The world knows how good Ghana is. We’ll be kings of Africa again. Technically, we are gifted and I believe we are going to make an impact in the World Cup and Africa Cup in the years to come.

Who do you want to thank?

Brown: I will want to thank my dad for getting me up almost every day, my mum for the good food always and to my siblings for their support. I have such a great family and they have been supportive. We are a laid back family, but very ambitious.

Are you dating?

Brown: [Laughs]. Definitely not interested in that now. I want to focus on my career then any other thing follows.

Who’s your favourite - Ronaldo or Messi?

Brown: I will choose Messi because he is a gifted player. It’s part of him. He dribbles past players and just scores. Ronaldo is good anyway.

What team will you wish to play for?

Brown: I have always want to play for Arsenal. I really want to wear their jersey and since I met Henry I have always wished to play for them.

Any words to your fans?

Brown: To my fans I want to tell them that there is more coming and we’ll get there, and to my future fans just keep your eyes on me because I’m coming.