Feature Article of Sunday, 27 January 2013

Columnist: Garbrah, G. A.

RE: PNDC umblical cord

A rejoinder to the FEATURE article in the Ghanaian Times Newspaper page 8 of Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anything, however attractive it may be and every act, innocuous it may apparently appear and coming from any direction that the NDC has been before or are still at, and are suggestive in all manner and form, to the CPP must be viewed with a lot of suspicion; and to be touch with a barge-pole – the longer the pole the better for all concerned. That is how the Trojan horse ought to have been treated by the Trojans; nothing like what took place at the time with devastating result to the acceptance of the so called gift.
The following definition may remind you of what really the Trojan horse was and can be deployed:

1. Hollow horse concealing Greeks: in Greek mythology, a hollow wooden horse that hid Greek soldiers, left at the gates of Troy. The Trojans were convinced it was a gift to Athena and dragged it inside.
2. concealed stratagem: somebody or something that is meant to disrupt, undermine, subvert, or destroy an enemy or rival, especially somebody or something that operates while concealed within an organization
3. COMPUT destructive computer program: a computer program containing a hidden function that causes damage to other programs while appearing to perform a valid function.
Was it not the PNDC that removed by coup d’état the Government of PNP (CPP) from political power in Ghana; is the NDC not the object at the end of the umbilical cord of PNDC?
How conceivable is it that today NDC members or at best disguised as sympathizers the likes of Jos Anyima-Ackah would want CPP to take note that “the poor election results of CPP - lessons for the party to learn”, the historical facts as narrated in this man’s write-up as published in the Ghanaian Times of Wednesday, January 23, 2013 notwithstanding.
Was Jos Anyima-Ackah ever a member of the CPP? If so, let it be known by such ex-members of CPP and also those who have any such intentions, whether by individual choice or for whatever reasons or circumstances the likes of Jos Anyima-Ackah found himself as bedmates of the NDC; they should leave the CPP well alone and to desists from rubbing salt (sodium Chloride) into the wounds that were first inflicted on the CPP by the PNDC. On the other hand, should these publications be the result of guilt; forgiveness emanates only from God and therefore exculpation must be directed appropriately to He who forgives.
Has the NDC inability to find solace in their ill-gotten position forever keeping them looking over their shoulders and with the hope of returning to mother CPP? They will do well to add requests of that nature to the on High. No propaganda or subterfuge nor a Trojan horse is ever acceptable before the Almighty God, if you please.
NDC Do Leave CPP well alone, for goodness sake! But then what good can be had from the umbilical cord of PNDC, NDC?

G. A. Garbrah