Entertainment of Monday, 10 December 2012

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Sarkodie & his ‘Illuminati’ Song – a Fan’s view

This is in no way a stunt but I personally don’t know where word ‘Illuminati’ came from and why it’s so popular right now that it’s been put on popular and successful people.

What happened to the times when people were praised for their success and hard work? Apparently anybody successful is ‘Illuminati’, one way or the other. That’s sad. Well Sarkodie couldn’t keep his mouth shut when the ‘Illuminati’ was put on him.

He did a song to redeem himself off the accusations. As they say, you can’t please nobody, a fan posted this notes below as to why it was a bad idea for Sarkodie to release a song like that and moreover make an album art depicting what he claims he’s not.

Read below what he had to say: As many of us predicted, the content of the song was going to be nothing new that we weren’t expecting. I mean this was totally unnecessary to begin with because on the track, all he did was deny the rumours like it was expected so I wasn’t thrilled. If he continues to exploit the symbols and ideologies, people will keep believing and saying it, so it’s just a matter of actions not words. Stop flashing the ‘devil horns’ and wearing those triangles and pyramids like he did in the recent ‘Devio’ video etc. That’s what will make you believable not songs. You can put out a million track(s) denying it and it wouldn’t make a difference if your actions don’t change. Moreover, the hype he put into this song just further promoted Illuminati images. Why was it so important to use the organizations logos and imagery? He just further made it cool for these young followers to rock that by printing it on t-shirts or even using as a profile pictures online, and that will further promote it. Not mentioning the fact that the image is attached to the free download file which many may not know how to delete, so they will keep seeing it on the screens of their players. And further numb their brains to such disturbing images. I feel it was bad idea in general because critical thinkers might even think you are rather promoting the fraternity. He could have said this in an interview and then further stop associating himself to these imagery and symbolism. Sarkodie must be aware that actions speak louder than words. That’s what’s needed. We have nothing against listening to the song because there’s nothing bad about it and in fact, the track is nice too. Our only concern is the efforts surrounding its release and the fact that it wasn’t necessary in the first place. Peace out!

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