Feature Article of Monday, 10 December 2012

Columnist: Koffison, John

Ghanaians Have Chosen Their President Mahama.

People Choose Their Leader, Ghanaians Have Chosen Their President John Dramani. Mahama.

It is easy to find a thousand soldiers but very difficult to find a general, says the Chinese proverb. One reason is that the combination of the necessary intellect with proven inspirational ability as a leader is very rare. I do not mean academic scholarship or what is commonly called being clever to fool people with assumed “fee stuff”. It just does not add up. There are, however, some more generic or transferable leadership qualities that you should recognize in yourself, humility, integrity and fairness. During the past campaign, John Dramani. MAHAMA proved that he has such qualities and these qualities give the power to lead.

There is no school in the world which one can attend to become president, but there are million schools where one can learn to become a leader; and when one learns to be a leader, it is easy to acquire the competence to become a president. To be a leader you need a vision and you need to sell that vision to people to buy into your thought and follow you; leaders are allowed to lead, they are not imposed. If you are allowed to lead, then you can easily become a president, one-touch!

Now an extraordinary power source comes online when a person is clear with himself and others that he is there to serve. That power flows as long as the leader and those led share clarity of purpose. A servant leader repeatedly orients himself towards the needs of others and taps the power that comes from having the big purpose. This clarity of purpose is what causes the parent of an angry adolescent to take a deep breath and let it pass or to clean up behind the toddlers at midnight. This clarity of purpose causes a shop owner to anguish for weeks before paying off workers.

Vision serves two powerful purposes; it points in a direction so that we can all work toward the same end, it also generates intrinsic energy. The more desirable the vision, the harder people will work and sacrifice to achieve it. Leadership is clearly simple. Leading quite literally means you are heading toward a destination, you want to arrive somewhere. You are out in front. When that destination is clear, when it looks like a place that people want to go, then they will move.

H.E. John Dramani MAHAMA has proved to Ghanaians that NDC has a vision for the nation’s development. He convincingly marketed the vision to the people, and the majority of constituents have finally agreed with him and elected him as leader-president to execute projects, through The Better Ghana Agenda, which will help reach the national goal. The Better Ghana Agenda provides a mental image of where the people of Ghana want to go together and through that image completely transform Ghana.

Of course, leadership takes much more than just a vision; it takes work, detail, and action. Indeed, John Dramani. MAHAMA has the people in place to drive the drive, but he needs all Ghanaians (from all political parties) to come on board and work together. In this respect, I first of all congratulate all elected parliamentarians from various political parties, especially Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore (Adenta), and Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey (Ketu South), for having gained the trust of their respective constituents and call on them to unite as a team and facilitate the implementation of the Better Ghana Agenda which the whole nation has approved by electing John Dramani MAHAMA. By accepting to work with the President, they will effectively serve their constituencies honorably. Elected parliamentarians should remember that lawmaking is also a public and collective good and the Better Ghana Agenda is as well public good that we must protect and enforce because it is the central and defining task of a democratic legislature. It is a complex enterprise that depends, for its adequate performance, on a number of component tasks that must be satisfactorily carried out. From the myriad of problems, issues, and policy proposals that someone in the society would like the parliament to address, a manageable subset must be selected for serious consideration. Policies to confront the selected problems must be formulated and legislation crafted.

A leader’s sense of honor provides evidence of the quality of relationships that he or she has with people. In other words, the feeling of being honored is a reflection of the perceptions of others; it is not something that you create on your own.

Congratulations Mr. Representative Leader John, the people of Ghana have chosen you as a visionary and servant leader, Ghanaians have elected you as their President and this in One-Touch Victory.

John Koffison

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