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General News of Thursday, 22 August 2019

Source: Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs

Youth to be trained on how to raise income from online via freelancing and drop-shipping

File photo of youth behind a computer File photo of youth behind a computer

Job creation is a key instrument for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth needed to generate national wealth and reduce poverty. In Ghana, about 250,000 graduates are offloaded into the job economy, the public sector in it’s capacity can only absorb 2% and the 98% has to either start their own businesses, get a job in the private sector or remain unemployed. This has rendered many Ghanaian youth jobless and the rate is quite alarming.

It is for this reason that the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs Chamber went into an agreement with two Ghanaian Tech companies to train young people on online freelancing and drop-shipping.

Speaking at the Head office, The Communications Director of Chamber, Justice Offie Jnr said; “We believe that this project will equip the scores of Ghanaian unemployed youth with skills and knowledge to earn some income online.”

Freelancing is a type of self-employment in the 'gig economy' where you’re hired to work for different companies on particular assignments based on your skills set. For instance, Boniface earns $100 a week for simply translating English to Twi for international organizations/companies.

The good news is that, no matter your skill(s) you can make money online as a freelancer. Be you a make-up artist, singer, actor, comedian, writer, graphic designer, photographer, scriptwriter, web developer, video editor, proofreader, dancer, etc you can make money online as a freelancer

The world over, online freelancing and drop-shipping has been recognized as a legitimate way of making income from online. However, one needs to learn the skills of the trade, how to win jobs contract, how to receive payment and how to profile themselves.

Drop-Shipping on the other hand is simply identifying hot cheap products online and selling them for a profit without spending a dime or worrying about shipping and clearing.

GCYE has pledged to absorb 50% of the registration fee for its members and 20% for non-members. Youth who are interested in taking part in this training are supposed to fill a form at

“it’s time to make use of our skills and the internet. There are jobs online, don’t remain unemployed.” Director of Operations, GCYE

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