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Politics of Monday, 27 March 2017


Your needless 'founder of Ghana' debate will not put food on our table - Ernesto tells speaker

Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye

Ernesto Yeboah, a leading member of the Economic Fighters League and a Nkrumahist has slammed the Speaker of Parliament; Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye for his comments that, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is not the founder of Ghana. The former National Youth leader of the party says it is unfortunate how the NPP keeps distorting Ghana’s history.

According to the Speaker, the independence struggle was not championed by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah alone and the glory of independence could therefore not be attributed to him alone.

Speaking at the Institute of Economic Affairs’ (IEA) showing of a documentary of the political history of Ghana between 1844 and the Fourth Republican Constitution, where he condemned the current history curriculum which describes Nkrumah as founder of Ghana stressing that, the information is false and misleading.

“We are not searching apparently about anything including our GDP, Tema Oil Refinery debts, vital statistics that are simple to ascertain in many parts of the world. And this has been an unfortunate part of our history so much so that, today we celebrate one founding father which is palpable false, we have founding fathers. I’ll like to see Nkrumah celebrated by way of a holiday in his honour as the first President.

A president who had a lot of vision in terms of education, health, African unity and so many area of our national development but definitely not as the founder of this nation because it is palpably false.’’ But Ernesto Yeboah asserted the NPP has lost focus.

The plight of taxi drivers, traders and every single Ghanaian should be what the NPP should focus on instead of wasting time on this needless brouhaha.

‘’Our cedi is still depreciating, maternal and infant mortality is still high, the cost of utilities is still unbearable and fuel prices have hit the roof. Somebody should tell the NPP that their baseless claims won’t put food on our table.’’

Mr. Yeboah stressed that the late leader and Ghana’s first president is well known in Ghana and beyond by the rest of the world. He wondered why the NPP keeps wasting time attacking Dr. Nkrumah after assuming office some four months ago.

He quizzed: ‘’does this ‘’founder conversation put food on our tables?”’ The NPP he indicated is wasting our time in these needless debates while our mothers die in labour and our youth roam hopelessly in search of non-existent jobs.

According to him, they won’t take this insult from the NPP anymore adding: ‘’they were elected to resolve our problems and bring us economic freedom. But as we speak, it appears they have completely forgotten and are now pursuing useless things.’’

He described the Speaker as the chief propagandist of the ruling NPP. ‘’He is toeing the line the NPP. Prof. Oquaye is the chief propagandist in political affairs for the NPP.’’ Ernesto Yeboah added, ‘’nothing can the change the fact that Dr. Kwame is the founder of Ghana.

It is a disgrace for the NPP to keep on engaging in this needless debate…The NPP is beginning to lose the goodwill that brought them to power.’’