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General News of Wednesday, 5 April 2017


You’re sick; seek help – Kufuor’s physician advises ladies in sextapes, twerk videos

Dr. Bettina Ama Boohene-Andah, Physician to Former President John Agyekum Kufuor and Founder of the MENFYD Foundation has described as unfortunate and sickening, the recent “fashion” of sextapes and indecent videos recorded by young ladies in the country.

Speaking at the sidelines of the “story of our lives” conference; a program aimed at mentoring young women, Dr. Boohene-Andah said sick-mindedness is the only factor that will drive anybody to record a naked or indecent video of themselves and circulate it in the public domain. She added that it is bad enough that they expose themselves wrongfully but much worse, to record or film the act.

“It is unfortunate, why would you expose your body to somebody else and not only expose it to that person indoors, but with the social media now, it’s all over the place…there are some sick-minded people and I say they are sick because it’s wrong for them to film all these things; in the first place it is wrong to do it, but to film it and put it out on social media…”, she maintained.

Dr. Boohene-Andah explained that lack of self- confidence or love from the right persons could be contributing reasons why these ladies purport these acts. According to her, these girls may be engaged in these acts just so they can gain public attention and get the approval of their mates or men at large.

“It’s the lack of self-confidence, so as soon as these girls feel loved by an older man or even their own age group, they give their all including their bodies, and they expose themselves”, she said.

Speaking on the long-term impact of these acts on the persons involved, Dr. renown physician indicated that the culprits, though may not realise the magnitude of their actions immediately, may suffer dire consequences in the future. She said, they risk losing their prospective jobs or future aspirations because their actions may haunt them when they need jobs and employers reject them after discovering their history online.

She therefore advised that these ladies do self-introspection exercises to help them know “who they really are” and also seek counselling from the appropriate authorities who can assist them overcome their issues.

There have been recent cases of sex-tapes, naked picture leakages and indecent videos circulating on social media, the most recent being a Legon student who is alleged to have posted her naked pictures on social media to promote her product; the local beads. Another is a video of some SHS students who were twerking whiles their colleagues looked on.