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Religion of Sunday, 31 May 2015

Source: Yachal House

Yachal House - A Mission of Hope

Within the myriad of churches and ministries dotted across this country, there are very few that stand out as distinctive in operating the five-fold ministry with the balance and impact that draws hundreds of people into the "real" presence of God.

One of these distinctive churches is Yachal House.

The uniqueness of Yachal House originates from its foundation. The church was born out of a deep call of God and a story of HOPE.

After two decades of serving and ministering under different ministers and ministries, the Lord spoke to Rev. Gilbert Ossei that it was time for him to start a ministry. Rev. Ossei’s walk with the Lord is an outstanding testimony of hope in every area of life.

The Lord then gave him the name ‘Yachal’(Hebrew word for “hope”) as the name of his new ministry.

With this inspiration, Rev Ossei designed five pillars on which the church should be built which are: The Word of God, the Prophetic, Prayer, Evangelism and Structure.

Having the prophetic ministry as its base, the primary challenge of the church was to distinguish itself from the known ideology that had branded prophetic churches as disorganized, uncivilized, and chaotic amongst many other forms of identity.

Yachal House proceeded to set itself apart in many ways;

  • By successfully blending effective church administrative and operational structures within the prophetic setting

  • By living the ideals of its brand of Hope and undertaking many community outreach and welfare projects to help the needy across the country with medical out reaches, paying for urgent medical care, basic amenities, school furniture and supplies, supporting in building rural churches and many others.

  • By helping young students to get on track with their education with needed fees and resources

  • By developing a project targeted at delivering many families and personal relationships out of crisis

And much more.

As a tribute to this work, many individuals from all walks of life and all levels of our society have found a haven in Yachal House and have been drawn to the church and have expressed love for the practicality of how the word of God is delivered to them and their ability to learn and activate their spiritual gifts of prayer and fasting with so much ease and the inimitability and sense of humor of the General Overseer making Yachal House a place of warmth and fun.

The first question that people who engage Yachal House ask often is "how long has this church been around?

Well!! All this impact we see is that of a church which is just one (1) year old!

A true testament to the fact that God has started an unprecedented mission with the church and its General Overseer Rev. Gilbert Ossei.

As Yachal House celebrates its 1st Anniversary.. There is a lot to be thankful for, not just the outstanding journey that has begun but rather what God is about to do in the years ahead..

Yachal House is inviting you to experience this journey by attending its 1st Anniversary Convocation from The 2nd -7th June at the Physicians and Surgeons Auditorium with an array of seasoned and powerful speakers who will challenge minds on the concept of CHRISTIANITY.