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General News of Thursday, 26 September 2019


World Contraception Day: Some Ghanaians’ reaction to pregnancy cravings

'Women are interesting creatures' play video'Women are interesting creatures'

As the world observes the World Contraception Day, an initiative which seeks to encourage awareness of contraceptive methods, Ghanaweb engaged some Ghanaian men on what their pregnant wives crave for, as well as how they handle the pressure that comes with the ‘demands’.

“Women are interesting creatures. If you don’t have patience, it would bring lots of issues. During the last few months of pregnancy, they feel the need to be pampered. They sometimes reject food they told you to get for them,” one of the persons who spoke to the crew said.

Another recounted how he pounded fufu every day as it was the only food his wife craved for.

He said: “My wife liked fufu a lot when she was pregnant. I pounded so hard; my palms hurt so badly.”

The narrative was however different in the case of a pastor. According to him, his wife is least perturbed about the food she eats

“My wife hasn’t put me through so much stress. All we do is pray, and God has given us victory. She eats every food, every food is her choice,” he said.

For men who have issues with their pregnant wives as regards what they crave for, they are just being inconsiderate, according to a lady.

She said: “I eat rice. I eat with only vegetable oil stew, as well as fruits. If I take in stew made of palm oil, I tend to vomit a lot. The food I also usually eat that bothers my husband is banana and pineapple. He has to get it for me all the time; whether far or near. We were all involved in making the baby, so that’s how best he can help me.”