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General News of Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Why do Ghanaians think ladies only succeed by sleeping with men? - Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams play videoArchbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has condemned the stigmatisation of successful women as people who slept their way to the top.

“There’s something in this country that everybody is hiding; nobody wants to show who they are. As soon as people get to know you are blessed, they come after you, throw things at you.

“A foreigner can come into this country and drive a private jet on the motorway and it is acceptable”, but “if a young lady drives a private jet or a Mercedes, or a Rolls-Royce, they’ll say: ‘Who’s your sugar daddy?’; ‘or she’s selling cocaine’”, the founder of Action Chapel International bemoaned to his congregation on Sunday, 24 June during his second sermon.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams, who said women have played major roles in his success in life and ministry, said stigmatising successful women in that way is demeaning.

“So, in this society, it’s like women don’t have sense and head to work, they don’t have brains, a woman only makes it by sleeping with a man. … Who told you that?

“I know a lot of women in this church who are well-educated, smarter, intelligent [and] wiser than men, I’m telling you”, he said, explaining: “… I got born again by a woman, an Indian scientist called Mrs Raj. And it was two twin sisters, they helped me in the things of God and got me to the Church of Pentecost because I was confused between Christianity and another religion, and I almost went another way but they brought me back. Twin sisters – the Acquah sisters. Some of my successes in life and ministry, God has always used women… Please thank God for the women”, he said.

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