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General News of Thursday, 7 April 2011

Source: Daily Post

Why Mills Govt Can’t Win Any Case In Court

No Attorney-General & Minister of Justice under the Mills Administration is likely to win a major case before many of the judges in the country because the NPP, while in government, tampered with the judiciary by placing judges perceived as pro-NPP at very strategic places.

Intelligence Operatives have told the Daily Post that on October 17, 2007, a signal from the BNI Headquarters in Accra was sent to the organization’s officers to identify judges within their jurisdiction who are biased towards the NPP.

The BNI officers, according to the intelligence operatives, were given three days to forward the names of the pro-NPP judges to the BNI headquarters in Accra. Based on the list gathered, certain judges were promoted while others were placed in very strategic places.

“You can understand therefore why office holders during the NPP Administration who were being accused of one form of financial malfeasance or the other when the Mills government came into being expressed confidence in the judiciary and publicly challenged the government to take them to court to prove their guilt,” one intelligence operative told the Daily Post.

Former Attorney-General & Minister for Justice, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, took a lot of bashing form NDC supporters, including the pro-NDC media for losing cases before certain judges. Her replacement, Mr. Martin Amidu, who served for a long time as Deputy Attorney-General in the NDC government of Jerry Rawlings, had the Ya Na case he was pursuing thrown out last week by a High Court.

Already, many NDC supporters are seething with anger over the continuous stay of Chief Justice Georgina Wood in office for her acts of omission or commission which establishes her clearly as a Chief Justice with a bias towards the NPP.

“The NPP has strategically placed the judiciary like an albatross around the Mills government’s neck. If the government tries to straighten things, it would be accused of tampering with the judiciary; if it leaves the judiciary the way it is, it would continue to suffer humiliating defeats in court,” another intelligence operative told the Daily Post.