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General News of Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Source: Daily Searchlite

Weija Asafoatse parries accusations

Asafoatse of Weija, Nii Ayi Pampamku I, has described as false, accusations that he has been engaging in partisan politics.

Nii said no youth of Weija will make such unfounded allegations at him, and believes some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are the ones behind the false publications.

Reacting to a newspaper publication headlined “stop your partisan NPP politics - Weija youth warns Asafoatse.”

Nii urged his detractors to stay clear off him because as a citizen of Ghana, the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana offers him the right to support any party or candidate of his choice so what’s their beef.

Nii asked his detractors if they have ever heard him endorse any presidential or parliamentary candidate when even Chiefs who the constitution bars from openly declaring their support to presidential candidates have defied the rules and have openly campaigned for presidential candidates and have endorsed same.

Responding to the specific allegation of him throwing his weight behind the NPP’s Parliamentary candidate, Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah, Nii posed the question since when did it became a taboo for a traditional ruler to be seen talking to a parliamentary candidate? Are they saying I shouldn’t talk to my Cousin.”?
Nii Pampamku I disclosed that for those who care to know Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah is his cousin and so he will continue to speak with her anytime the opportunity avails itself.

Nii stated that even the Electoral Commissioners of Ghana do exercise their civic responsibility by voting on election day which means even they who are the referees have their choice of who should lead us as a country so where did he went wrong.

Nii stated that apart from the Central Government, the peace of Weija means so much to them the Traditional rulers then the ordinary citizens so they won’t do anything untoward to disturb the peace of the constituency and urged all well meaning residents to do same.

Nii Pampamku entreated the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary Candidate for Weija- Gbawe Obuobia Darko to refrain from engaging in acts that will disturb the peace of Weija stressing that currently there is peace in Weija and urged all to guard it jealously.

Nii recounted that in the year 2012 a similar case of him been involved in partisan politics was cooked by some unseen hands against him which landed him behind bars and warned the so called Weija youth to leave him alone because everybody has choices. He added that his mother Elizabeth Ashley is a great fun of Obuobia Darko.

Nii urged the youth not to engage in violence before during and after the elections but should go about and cast their votes peacefully and throw their weight behind whoever emerges victorious.

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