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Politics of Thursday, 26 November 2020


We vote but have no electricity, hospital, water - Kelege, Agyabui residents

Due to bad roads, the main form of transport is motorbike Due to bad roads, the main form of transport is motorbike

Residents of Kelege, Agyabui, and Island-communities in the Volta Region have expressed their anger at the ruling government for failing to give them their share of the national cake.

These communities do not have a health facility, access to potable drinking water, electricity, and other social amenities, including a toilet facility.

The residents told that the poor nature of their roads makes it difficult for vehicles to ply them hence their only source of transportation is Okada.

They complained bitterly about the struggles they go through in transporting pregnant women and the sick to nearby health facilities.

According to them, they sometimes lose their relatives on their way to the hospital due to the poor nature of the roads.

The spokesperson for the residents, Enock Senyegah, said they depend on torchlights when night falls.

”We don’t have CHPS Compound, we don’t have a hospital, we don’t have good roads, we don’t have potable drinking water, we don’t have toilets, we are also not connected to the national grid.

"We are struggling to survive in these three communities. We suffer to send people to the clinics nearby. Just recently, we lost an uncle on our way to a clinic due to the terrible roads here,” he said.

He revealed that they have petitioned authorities in the three communities but all their efforts have proved futile.

He said the communities asked him to write letters to the MP and other leaders but their concerns have not been addressed.

Meanwhile, he has also disclosed their only source of water is being polluted by a company named Striking Lake, an aquaculture company.

He said they want their concerns addressed before the election on December 7, 2020.