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General News of Saturday, 29 February 2020


We pray Akufo-Addo extends Domelevo’s appointment – Martin Kpebu

Martin Kpebu is a private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu is a private legal practitioner

Private Legal Practitioner, Martin Kpebu says Auditor General, Daniel Domelevo ought be considered and given an extension of appointment by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, even after his retirement is due.

Mr. Kpebu, speaking on Joynews’ Newsfile program acknowledged the admiration most Ghanaians have for Mr. Domelevo because of his principled values and devotion to fighting corruption.

Whilst pointing out the latter’s flaw in overlooking due process in cross-checking some given names in a list of GETFund beneficiaries, he on the flip-side said he hoped he was given more time to do more good works for the country.

“I hear he may be retiring soon, considering the way we love him, we pray His excellency will give him an extension.” He said.

The lawyer, however, believes the AG did wrong by taking GETFund’s alleged list of beneficiaries without verifying facts for himself, particularly to ascertain whether or not the names given actually received the monies stated.

With the bank statements provided, Mr. Kpebu indicated the appropriate thing to do was to check again with the bank statements or to reach out to these persons to verify.

"You know we all love the Auditor General, but we will beg that moving forward, maybe they should scrutinise more. You see admission letters, you see awards for scholarship but you must verify whether they were really paid from the bank statements.

“I understand bank statements were furnished to him so cross-check from the bank statements you were given whether Mr. X who was awarded this scholarship has really been paid through the bank statements, that’s very critical you know.

"If you are saying Mr. X is taking money unlawfully, reach out to Mr. X, let him respond, just like the vouch of verification, that would have saved us all this.

You know its public funds and you know that once the report has become public, people are going to make comments and rightfully so. You see the way the whole nation is charged, so I think it beholds on him to double check.” He noted.

The ‘blunder’ committed by Mr. Domelevo he believes, is a dent on his hard-earned reputation.

“The auditor is auditing the institution and the report is to the institution but once people’s reputation are at stake, it is only common sense that we can reach out, I hear they are about 2000, so you pick up the phone, call. Bottom line is, once you put somebody’s name out there and it turns out to be false, it has greatly dented your work. Once people’s names are out, it beholds on the Auditor General to make sure that as much as possible, all those ones are verified.”

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