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General News of Monday, 27 March 2017


We are being denied sex because our kids are not in school - Chief

The people of Nyanta community share a dam with animals which is their only source of water The people of Nyanta community share a dam with animals which is their only source of water

Male residents of Nyanta a farming community in the Central Gonja District of the Northern region have revealed to that they are being denied sex by their wives because in the last 6 years their children are unable to attend school.

According to them, the women complain that they cannot bring forth children who will end up being illiterates because they have no access to formal education.

The erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) government constructed a 3-unit classroom block for community but the structure has been kept under lock and key because no teacher has been posted to the school since 2010 forcing all pupils to dropout.

In an interview with the chief of the area Mr. Amidu Gberepo, he said the school built in 2010 was under East Gonja District and used to have teachers posted to teach.

He however observed that when the community was later added to Central Gonja District, they never had any teacher coming in to teach and several efforts to get teachers to the school proved futile.

“We use to see teachers posted to come and teach our children when we were under Salaga but now we don’t even see a teacher for more than 5 years. When we enquired from the Central Gonja District, they told us our school was not recognized by government. Our children of school going age are now roaming in the community doing nothing” he lamented.

He also revealed that their women deny them sex because of how the children don’t go to school. “We are not allowed to perform our conjugal duties as men in the night by our wives because they think when we give birth there will be no education for our children and it is worrying us a lot “he added.

The people of Nyanta community share a dam with animals which is their only source of water a situation the chief described as worrying. He however said they have no alternative as the dam is almost dried up calling on government to come to their aid.

Aside this, the area has no electricity, saddled with inaccessible roads and no accommodation for teachers but local authorities have promised to build one if teachers accept postings to the community.

Meanwhile checks at the Education Directorate in the Central Gonja District reveals those teachers who are posted to the area runaway in view of its deprived nature.

According to an official who spoke on grounds of strict anonymity, there is no record of when last a teacher was posted to the place corroborating the concerns of the chief in the area.