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General News of Friday, 24 July 2020


We are Presbyterians but can't shun our shrines, tradition – Actg. Krontihene of Akuapem

A shrine at Larteh in the Eastern Region play videoA shrine at Larteh in the Eastern Region

The Acting Krontihene of Akuapem, Nana Addo Kwataa, has said that the practice of pouring libation is not appreciated by followers of Christ who deem the act as fetish.

According to him, the act which is the ritual pouring of a liquid, or grains such as rice, as an offering to a deity or spirit is not a bad thing as Christians have been made to believe over time.

Speaking to GhanaWeb on the People & Places show, Nana Addo Kwataa, said “Pouring of the libation is what the Christians do not understand it. They don’t get the concept very well. Pouring of libation, we call on the Almighty God and before the coming of Christianity we didn’t know any other body but we knew they was a Supreme Being, that is, God. So our forefathers they pour and say “Tweredeampong Kwame”; that is the one in Heaven.”

Asked by host Wonder Ami Hagan if the worship of deities by the Akuapems does not contradict their Presbyterian tag that has been gained over the years as a result of the Presbyterian Churches across the area, the Krontihene said nothing can be done about it explaining that much as there are Churches in the Akuapem land, there are many shrines as well in towns like Larteh and its environs.

To him, both religious practices answer to one God.

“…Before the coming of the Akyems, the Guans and the Kyerepons; they were not having chiefs. They were led by fetish and fetish priestesses. So from that background…notwithstanding, there are so many Christians too over there but we have the shrines.”

He added, “We are working in line so I don’t see anything wrong with it. I was born into Presbyterian home, baptised into Presbyterianism but now I’m a chief so I have departed from that arena. I am still a Christian alright but do the Christians see me on that level?

I don’t know so I combine the two but when I die today I’m not going to the Christian cemetery. I have my own cemetery and I know I will go to Heaven.

On how the oldest and first Presbyterian Church came to be established in the Eastern region, he revealed that his grandfather who went by the name Boafo Panyin, gave the land to the missionaries because he believed establishing the Church in the Akuapem area was for a good course.

“When they (Presbyterians) came, my grandfather saw it as a mission, something that will bring progress to the people so he gave this land to Nana Addo Danquah I; he is the authority to hand it over to the Presbyterians.”

Watch the full interview below:

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