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Opinions of Thursday, 31 May 2007

Columnist: Ansah, Akwasi Owusu

Wake up, Ghanaian Leaders

I am highly disappointed the way our leaders-politicians, traditional rulers, church leaders and civil servants {snr.} have managed our country to this day .The predicament of Ghanaians today is the collective responsibilities the afore-mentioned groups.

The economic situation in Ghana has made everybody a thief .Everybody finds a way of making extra money to supplement the unsustainable income that exist in Ghana. Every sector- political, social and religious are all deeply involved.

The sad aspect is that when a common man snatches a mobile phone we call it STEALING. On the other hand when those at the top steal billions of cedis or millions of dollars we call it EMBEZZLEMENT.

Whereas in most cases the EMBEZZLERS manouvre to get themselves free, the STEALERS find themselves lynched or sent to jail. Most of these STEALERS are victims of the bad economic policies enacted by these EMBEZZLERS. Now is the time for every patriotic Ghanaian to join the POSITIVE FORCES to end this type of ‘NEO- COLONIALISM’ by the government of the people. “You can cheat all the people some of the time and all the time some of the people, but you cannot cheat all the people all the time.” Enough is enough, Ghana has passed through revolutions and we don’t want to re-visit them anymore. I am afraid the ATTITUDES of our LEADERS if not CHANGED will attract a very violent and bloody. And Ghana will never recover again till the coming of CHRIST.I am not trying to be a prophet of DOOM but all concerned Ghanaians could see the writings clearly on the wall.

When the NPP gov’t ascended into power most Ghanaians breathed a sigh of relieve; including myself. What we see now is too far below our expectations. I am convinced that the NPP Gov’t has made some landmarks worth praising. Likewise the NDC, without political stability, Ghana would not have attained this height. Yes, we have freedom of speech in Ghana now but LIVES AND PROPERTIES ARE NOT SAFE. FOOD, SHELTER AND CLOTHING ARE LUXURIES to many people in Ghana today.

Considering our vast natural and human resources Ghanaians should not have found ourselves in this PREDICAMENT. Our leaders have let us down. Yes, Ghana is down but we are not out yet. If we count our blessings and name them one by one, we will see what God has done for our dear country. This is not the time for PARTISANSHIP, our leaders should now think of the people who put them there.

No Ghanaian’s aim is to stay forever in the DIASPORA. The prevailing situation at home is discouraging both Ghanaians and foreigners from coming to settle or invest. Water and electricity which are among the major resources to enhance industry and production are not available even if you can afford to pay. Please, leaders ,those of us in the diaspora wish to come home and help but to a condusive environment. ‘We have lingered on the desert for so long we want come home to our PROMISE LAND’. The Israelites have seen the promise of God being fulfilled in this generation. If God does not intercedes on our behalf and touch the hearts of our leaders, most of us would never settle on the PROMISE LAND till JESUS SHOW UP IN HIS GLORY. Until then let’s join forces like the OFORI-AMANFOS and PRESSURE THE LEADERS. ’WE NEED A BREAK!’

If everybody is having free accommodation, free interrupted water and electricity supply, free telephone, free medication, free car and fuel and hosts of incentives most of our leaders enjoy in Ghana, we shall all come home and those at home would not complain. This is the situation most of our leaders find themselves in, that is why THEY DON’T CARE.

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