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General News of Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Voltarians now see NDC as ‘crooks’ - NPP Loyal Ladies

NPP Loyal Ladies, an arm of the main opposition New Patriotic Party, has said people in the governing National Democratic Congress’ stronghold – Volta Region – have now realised that the NDC are “a bunch of self-interested crooks”.

In a statement to defend the chiefs of the region for throwing their weight behind the NPP and its flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo during his recent campaign tour of the area ahead of the 7 December polls, NPP Loyal Ladies said: “They [Voltarians] are seeing through the spurious claims of regional development and the whole bread-and-circus charade that the NDC specialises in.”

Below is the full statement from the group:


Reality has struck the NDC. The chicken is finally coming home to roost. After years of taking their former heartlands for granted, disillusionment with the NDC government is running rife throughout Volta. Voltarians are seeing the NDC for what they are – a bunch of self-interested crooks that have used them for their own political ends to cling onto power, to amass wealth and to improve their stomach infrastructure. They are seeing through the spurious claims of regional development and the whole bread-and-circus charade that the NDC specialises in. The groundswell of goodwill for Nana Akufo-Addo, from the chiefs and their subjects, on his recent visit to the region, is indicative of the winds of change blowing through the Volta.

Quaking in their boots due to the shifting centre of political gravity, the shambolic leadership of the NDC has turned their ire on the Volta chiefs, castigating them for being “ungrateful” for the so-called “development” in the region. In one of the more slanderous attacks, the chiefs have been accused of lacking “respect and dignity among their people”, as claimed by the Greater Accra regional organiser Anthony Nukpeku.

One wonders on what basis he mounts such a vicious attack on the revered chiefs of the region. When it comes to respect and dignity, Mr Nukpeku would do well to recognise these traits are sorely lacking from the NDC hierarchy, with the President being the grand symbol of a national laughing stock. The name John Mahama has become a byword word for dumsor, poverty, dilapidation and all round general incompetence.

The Volta chiefs, in their wisdom, have seen the through the false propaganda and deceit of the NDC and they have acted accordingly. It will be highly disingenuous on the part of the NDC to dismiss as “not serious” the fact that 57 chiefs, five of whom are paramount chiefs, have given Nana Akufo-Addo their unflinching support and goodwill.

The attack on these Volta chiefs therefore by the NDC is the sign of a desperate party fearful of the thrashing that it is about to get at the ballot box. It is also evidence that the NDC’s association with the Volta Region was only a marriage of convenience. After years of loyal support, the Volta Region is still a cesspit of poverty. Is it any wonder that the chiefs now seek an alternative for their people?

Volta chiefs are the true representatives of Voltarians. They have always spoken for us and will continue to do so – whatever the NDC thinks. Respected, accessible and legitimate, they command far more gravitas than any NDC official. They understand our culture and our people, thus they have earned the right to speak for us. The NDC should know their place. They do not speak for Volta, they never have done and they never will do. The NDC do not serve our interests. We would do well to end our tenuous links with them once and for all. On December 7th, we must vote for change.

It’s time to make Volta great again!
It’s time to make Ghana great again!
2016 is the year of the Elephant!!!



9th November 2016

Queen Enam Wovenu

Rebecca Tsikata

Rebecca Denteh