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General News of Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Viral video of woman being flogged courts controversy on social media

Social media users are calling for the arrest of the gentleman assaulting the lady in the video play videoSocial media users are calling for the arrest of the gentleman assaulting the lady in the video

Pressure is mounting on the Ghana Police to take action after a video of a woman being physically assaulted by a young man has gone viral.

The incident has enraged lots of people on social media with many calling on the Ghana Police to search for and prosecute the gentleman for the assault on the lady.

It is unclear where and when the incident took place but the call on social media has been gaining momentum for the past 24hours.

In the video, about 30seconds long, people around could be heard urging the lady to run away from the man.

The stick used to hit the lady is about twice the length of an adult's arm. Portions of the stick could be seen peeling off as the man struck the woman who stood aloof without making an attempt to block him.

Numbering about 15 people, none of them took the initiative to stop the man from committing the act but some, mostly women could be seen running away from the gentleman when he came towards their direction while others followed through as the man kept using the stick on the lady.

The crowd that followed could be heard speaking a language believed to be Hausa.

The incident seemed to have taken place at night and along the street of a neighbourhood with closely packed houses and motorbikes by the route.

The name of the gentleman is unknown but a lady Ziyya Minaj Issah (on Facebook) purporting to be the sister of the assaulted woman has taken to social media to express her disgust at the incident.

From social media engagements monitored, it is speculated that the assaulted lady is one 'Leema Bae' on Facebook.

Here are some of the comments on social media following the incidence:

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