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General News of Sunday, 8 March 2020


‘Victimized’ UEW staff dies in ghastly accident on his way to report at new duty post

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A ‘victimized’ Staff of the University of Education Winneba (UEW), Mr Emmanuel Kutorglo is confirmed to have died in a ghastly road accident while on his way to report at his new duty post at Ashanti Mampong Campus.

Mr Kutorgloto of the Department of Publishing and Web Development who was originally on the Winneba Campus with his family was transferred to the Ajumako Campus and in less than 6 months, he was again transferred to the Ashanti Mampong Campus.

All these transfers took immediate effect according to checks by at the university corroborated by members of the family members.

A Former Finance Officer of the University Dr. Theophilus Senyo Akorlie who has been exonerated by (Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) of any wrongdoing leading to his sack together with others, shared the pathetic story sighted by calling on the current Vice-Chancellor Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni to halt what he termed as needless victimization.

Read his article below;

I heard of the death of Mr Emmanuel Kutorglo yesterday. I was extremely sad. He was a staff of University of Education, Winneba (UEW). I was told he died through a motor accident while on his way to the Ashanti Mampong Campus of UEW. His current duty post.

His death has forced me to comment on the happenings at UEW even though I never wanted to do so again. I want the comments here to be read, understood and seen as my little way of saying “rest in peace” to this late young, humble, respectful, committed, dedicated and hardworking staff of UEW. Mr Emmanuel Kutorglo, REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

Let me now make an appeal to the Afful-Broni led Management of UEW to use the death of Mr Kutorglo to reflect and re-consider the numerous punitive inter-campus transfers that they have executed as part of the planned activities to overthrow Avoke and Ackorlie. These inter-campus transfers had destroyed and continue to destroy lives and families.

I am told Mr Kutorgloto, who was originally on the Winneba Campus with his family was transferred to the Ajumako Campus and in less than 6 months, he was again transferred to the Ashanti Mampong Campus. All these transfers took immediate effect.

I acknowledge the fact that motor accidents and their resulting injuries or deaths can occur anywhere and anytime but they are largely avoidable. There is a very high probability between the number of times one travels by road and the likelihood of getting involved in motor accidents.

Because these numerous inter-campus transfers were done without any regard to family ties and they all took immediate effect, most transferred staff had left their families at their original places of work due to obvious reasons such as schooling by children, accommodation for the whole family (imagine being transferred at the middle of your rent advance or at the middle of your children’s school term), etc. These transferred staff were forced to return to their families at the original campuses almost every weekend and holiday. These transferred staff travel from Winneba to Kumasi, Winneba to Mampong, Kumasi to Winneba and Mampong to Winneba almost every weekend.

While I agree that transfers are normal administrative procedures and this has been the justification by UEW Management all the times, I completely disagree with the number of staff involved especially in these inter-campus transfers. How can inter-campus transfer of more than 100 staff in one year be called “normal administrative procedures”? How can the transfer of some staff two times in 6 months all with immediate effect be called “normal administrative procedures”?

How can transfers of pregnant women and nursing mothers (with immediate effect) be called “normal”? Can those calling these inter-Campus transfers “normal” do a simple yearly trend analysis from the time UEW was established to date: 1992 to 2020 and see if the number of inter-Campus transfers in 2017, 2018 and 2019 qualify to be called “normal “?

The fact is that these punitive transfers were largely directed at staff perceived to be sympathetic to Avoke and Ackorlie. There were also transfers given to reward those who supported and fought very hard for the overthrow of Avoke and Ackorlie to succeed. These reward-related transfers were given to Afful-Broni “warriors” and “ex-servicemen and women” in the form of higher positions with accompanying allowances and/ or post-retirement contracts.

Now my appeal to the Afful-Broni led UEW Management. Haven’t you had what you wanted already? Is Avoke not gone? Is Ackorlie not gone? Were 23 staff not already dismissed or demoted or suspended? Is Afful-Broni not the Vice-Chancellor of UEW? Haven’t you dealt with Avoke and Ackorlie well enough by your own standards? Per your standards and in your own words, you have dealt very well with Avoke and Ackorlie and they are now very very very very very miserable!!! Please leave the perceived sympathisers of the “miserable” Avoke and Ackorlie alone.

They are very weak and powerless. What can sympathisers of “miserable” dismissed staff do? Please reverse the punitive inter-campus transfers so that staff who want to be close to their families can do so. Have you looked at the effects of these punitive inter-campus transfers on staff output and motivation? Have you measured the effects of these transfers on productivity? Have you looked at the monetary costs of paying transfer grants to over 100 staff? Is it because it is a public university so we don’t really care about avoidable expenditures and low productivity?

To the current Union Leaders of UEW, how long shall you continue to look on for these punitive transfers to continue to destroy your members? Yesterday it was Henry Kpodo, today it is Emmanuel Kutorglo, I pray it will not be any other staff tomorrow. You may be an Afful-Broni sponsored Union Leader but remember that you are representing people and you must be seen to be protecting them and their interests. Their concerns, pains and worries must be yours too!! I can’t see a quarter of these punitive transfers happening in UCC or KNUST or UG or UMAT and the Unions will be as quiet as we have them currently in UEW.

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