General News of Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper

Vanderpuije grabs hill top mansion

Dr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly has shown that he is really a man with taste for quality and extra beauty.

Dr. Vanderpuije is still in the process of completing his much publicized plush mansion located at McCarthy Hills in Accra. He is currently putting finishing touches to his paradise.

Dr. Vanderpuije returned in 2009 from the United States of America (USA) with nothing to boast off except his family house at James Town in Accra, but in four years that his party has been in power and he has been at the helm of affairs at the A.M.A, he has apparently done very well for himself.

In 2009, owing to his allegiance to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), he was appointed the Mayor of Accra.

Since his appointment, Dr. Vanderpuije has always being leaving like a king. He is on record as the first mayor to be using Helicopters and motorcades. From the look of his operations, little did people know that the master of demolition could also put up a building of such quality and magnitude.

His expensive lifestyle has been manifested in the plush edifice he has erected at McCarthy Hills. The building is adjacent the famous Hill View Hotel and about five minutes drive from the Mallam Junction. Though the building has not been painted, the quality of the materials used in the construction cannot be under estimated.

He has fixed security cameras all over the building as though they were given to him for free. The road leading to the mansion from the Hill View Hotel has been constructed with pavement blocks.

Interestingly, the side of the road after his mansion is as rough as the Suhum Nsawam road. The position of the building makes it possible for him to view the entire landscape of Accra in a glance without any difficulty as he has been doing with his helicopter.

Perhaps, as powerful as he is, he does not want any of the buildings put up by government appointees and officers of his party to be nowhere closer to his in terms of quality, beauty, location, and the facilities he uses in his palace.

The building is truly the dream mansion of every successful man but his has come rather too quickly and people are murmuring about his source of funds. What is more ironic about the situation of the Mayor’s mansion is the fact that the road from the hotel has been shifted out of its way to create space from his mansion.